Binary Options. A great alternative for newbies and seasoned traders alike.
Binary options have taken the derivative markets by storm within the past few years. The concept is based on a simple yes or no proposition. Traders place bets on underlying assets such as Forex, gold or silver, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. If your prediction is right, you will win the predetermined amount the trader has waged. The simplicity of this style of trading has become appealing to seasoned traders and newcomers alike to the financial markets. Before jumping in feet first, individuals should know all there is as to how binary options work. Like what markets and timeframes are available at particular times, what the advantages and disadvantages of trading this style of derivatives, and what companies are trustworthy and legally authorized to operate within the United States.
The trader will potentially profit from the fluctuations in price within the global markets if their good at reading financial charts and using specific indicators which clarifies potential strike prices. Bearing a slight resemblance to traditional options, binary options offer an alternative choice when speculating the direction of a specific market.

Binary options traded outside of the U.S. are structured differently than here in America. They have a fixed risk and payout attached. They are also offered by individual brokers rather than on a regulated exchange. This makes trading outside of the U.S. riskier for potential traders to indulge in. These international brokers profit on the difference from the payout on trades that win and what the collect from losing trades. It's actually illegal to solicit their platforms unless approved with a U.S. regulatory body.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) is the largest U.S. based options exchange platform. With over 2,200 companies, and 140 exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and over 22 stock indices available, the CBOE is a reputable and regulated exchange platform governed by the SEC. They began offering binary options on their platform since 2008. They offer investors the security and protection needed to confidently place trades. Nadex is also another option to trade binary options based on a simple premise, yes or no. They're fully transparent and the benefit is that traders can exit their trades prior to the expiration dates, or they can hold till expiration for the maximum gain allowed for that particular trade. They can also enter fluctuating market rates as they see fit. This allows them to take advantage of opportunities based on the risk-to-reward factor. Because this is an actual exchange, which profits from charging low fees that equals the counter-parties, there is a required buyer and seller for each trade.

If you prefer to go the traditional route when trading assets such as the Forex markets or commodities, there are companies like Markets Premium or another great platform called InvestMIB that has been regarded as reputable companies. DeltaFxMarkets is a licensed forex broker, offering mobile forex trading and the MT4 platform. With over 40 forex currency pairs, commodities, gold and silver, plus futures they're a great choice for personal investing and trading options.Bronze Markets is one of the most innovative FX brokers available. They offer roughly 59 forex pairs to choose from. They even offer some exotic currencies such as - the Polish Zloti, Chinese Yuan, South African Rand, Krone, Singapore Dollar, Mexican Peso, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone, Russian RublaTurkish Lira, Hong Kong Dollar, Krona and Hungarian Forint, as well as CFDs on futures and stocks. However, there are no CFDs on cryptocurrencies to choose from. There are 5 account types on a couple of platforms to choose from. These two are reputable companies to choose from if binary options aren't an ideal choice.

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