In Aesop’s Fables, there is a story about a mouse and a lion. As the story goes, a mouse is nearly eaten by a lion but the mouse begs the lion to spare his life as one day he may come to save his. The lion laughed so hard at the little mouse’s pleas that he inadvertently freed the mouse from his claws. Taking advantage of the opportunity to escape, the mouse ran far away. One day, hunter’s nets ensnared the lion and following through on his promise, the little mouse came to the lion’s rescue and freed him from the trappings. There is a lesson to be learned in this story in that big courage can sometimes come in small packages.

When we are teaching our children of such heroism, we offer them examples of how they can sometimes contribute to help others around them by just being thoughtful and tolerant. It is also a lesson in learning how to appropriately use the gifts we are given. We may not always be the biggest or the strongest, but if we learn how to use the gifts we do have, we can often create the desired outcomes that we want.

Exhibiting courage under fire

In life, you will face obstacles that make you feel uncomfortable at best, miserable at worst – how you react to those situations is what will give you the edge in being able to successfully combat and conquer these situations. Remembering the story of the lion and the mouse can offer some consolation, but learning how to proactively take control of your emotions and the reactive feelings that you have when faced with dire consequences will become your best friend. Demonstrating these reactions affront of your children will also show them how to properly react as they grow older and too, are faced with similar circumstances.

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!

Even children can let their light shine. They can be taught that the greatest courage comes from the tiniest light within self. It is that inner strength that one possesses that is available to him or her at all times whenever s/he needs it. All one must do is to ask to be brave in order to contend with whatever the challenge is. By instructing heart and soul in how to pool your innate resources to move beyond such obstacles, you will build your resilience and stamina to overcome that, which obstructs. While you may feel small in size, you must understand that your heart and soul hold the power to create the happiness and sense of achievement.

throughout the course of your life. When you are ready to take the lead and show your power, I know you will feel a joyful release and a wonderful sense of freedom. You will also discover that you have the power to control your emotions and hold them in check as you move forward in life. No other human being or circumstance has that power or control over you – and when you see that through courage and willpower all things are possible, you will let your light shine and grow in strength and harmony each and every day.

In the end, it is helpful to know that we do not always have to be as mighty as the lion to be brave. We can overcome anything by being witty and committed to take on the world even when things do not seem to be going the way we like. The truth lies within our perception, and the willingness to follow through comes from our persistence and perseverance; of course, a little courage doesn’t hurt.

Until we speak again, I am
Joan Marie – your Intuition Girl

© Big Courage comes in Small Packages – 2012
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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