Pain can be frustrating, especially when it prevents you from accomplishing your everyday activities. Chronic pain can destroy your life quality, making you dependent on other people for simple, easy to accomplish activities. Luckily, pain management in Falls Church can be addressed by specialists to remedy your problem. Technologies and medicines exist to get rid of your pain and help you get back to everyday life.

How does pain management work?

Pain management varies with your condition. Your doctor will give a customized treatment plan based on your symptoms and the body part with chronic pain. Integrated Neurology Services offers a wide range of treatments that focus on the type of chronic pain you have. Additionally, the center provides solutions for long-term benefits as it has state-of-the-art technologies and modern medicines.  Treatments at Integrated Neurology Services also focus on aftercare medical procedures that help prevent chronic pain resurgence.

What conditions require chronic pain treatment?

Integrated Neurology Services has a wide range of treatments that will capture your condition and find the right solutions. The chronic pain conditions that require medical attention include:

  •         Radicular Pain

 The nervous system is the most affected body part when you have radicular pain. Radicular pain will spark a shooting pain in both the arms and legs. Additionally, the pain can originate from the buttocks towards the legs. Herniated discs and spinal stenosis are the primary causative agents for radicular pain.

  •         Disc Pain

 This type of pain affects the cartilage discs that run from the neck to the back that provide you with cushion from degeneration and rapture. However, the cartilage disc may fail to function correctly, leading to pain that prevents you from accomplishing your daily activities. Disc pain is also a significant cause of neck pain.

  •         Facet joint pain

Facet joint pain is a type of chronic pain that is difficult to diagnose and treat.  Integrated Neurology Services offers you state of the art technology that will help cushion you from this condition. Your doctor will use radiofrequency ablation to provide a lift in your back and neck regions to help ease the pain.

  •         Sacroiliac joint pain

This type of pain will mostly affect your lower back pain, including the hip region. However, you will receive relief from therapeutic joint injections that your doctor will offer.

  •         Hip joint pain

Problems in your legs often result in hip joint pains. However, other regions that influence hip joint pain include the groin region, your backside, and the hip itself.

Pain Management Procedures to Deal With Chronic Pain

Integrated Neurology Services offers a wide range of solutions customized for your situation. Your doctor will assess the situation and ask a series of questions to provide the best treatment for your pain. Pain management procedures you may receive at the facility include:

  •         Nerve root blocks and diagnostic services
  •         Medial branch blocks
  •         Medial branch neurology
  •         Joint and hip joint diagnosis

Joint pains and other types of pain can frustrate your quality of life; however, customized solutions at Integrated Neurology Services will offer a long-lasting solution to your problem. Book an appointment today by calling or using the clinic’s online scheduler.

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