Some people get tired of having a cuddly small pet that's only good for running around and just playing cute. To them that is something that can get tiresome at times, and create a desire to get something more out of the annoying but still lovable pooch. Teaching their current pets tricks and other basic commands to make something better out of them prove to be a very difficult task to carry out; usually because they were babied from birth until maturity, and or aren't that easy to educate. Now if only they could get a dog breed that is still cute and playful, but has the intelligence coupled with the willingness to learn tricks and basic commands.

Sounds too good to be true for some, but not for me. I know a breed that packs all the cuteness and sweetness with intelligence that this crowd could ever want. This dog would be the Bichon Frise. The Bichon Frise breed, as I've said earlier, is of small build - they only weigh 7 to 12 pounds and stand 9 to 11 iches. It has fluffy beautiful fur that usually comes in white – hence earning its name without question. For those that don't speak French, Bichon Frise when translated into English means “fluffy little dog”. If you'd take a look at this breeds' pictures posted all over the web, you'd agree.

Aside from being adorable, this pooch is full of energy, in which it uses most of it for playing with its owners. They have the tendency to get carried away sometimes, but usually do so in a non-destructive manner. It loves running around and exploring, just as much as it loves its human master and family. Going out for walks is something that it enjoys, but always keep a leash on it to prevent it from wandering off or getting ran over a moving vehicle. When it's not doing any physical activities, it would prefer to cuddle up on the lap of the family member that it has bonded with the most.

A very affectionate pet indeed, therefore it'll require a lot of attention and tender loving care. What really makes the Bichon Frise stand out is its brain – whoever would think that such a small thing could learn so fast. Teaching it the basic commands would be relatively easy, depending on how well you utilize your time and the dog training methods you use. Advance tricks will be very possible for the Bichon Frise, that is if you know exactly how to handle it. The basics of this would be having routines that aren't boring, short but intense, and full of rewards and praises; which should only be given out for good behavior and obeying commands.

This pet has lots of potential – proof would be many dogs of this breed participating in obedience rings; in some cases they actually win. But don't expect to have the dog of your dreams right away. High intelligence of the animal doesn't guarantee the success of training; but rather your patience, effort, and willingness to reach the goals you've set for it. Having said all of that, I don't think people would get easily tired of this dog breed.

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