Here’s the truth of the matter: some people like opposite sex, some same sex, and some both, and all are FINE. Here’s another truth: some people think bisexuality is just a phase or worse a disease. There’s only one thing that bisexual females or bi curious girls should do about such people--ignore them as much as possible.

Many bisexuals are afraid of coming out the closet because they think they will not be accepted by their parents and loved ones. There may or may not be some grain of truth in this fear. However, you won’t know for sure if you don’t come out in the open. If your parents love you, there’s a greater chance that they will understand you and accept you.

Moreover hiding your sexuality is a perfect precursor to bigger problems later on. It can leave a huge scar on your psychologically and push you towards depression, anxiety, low esteem, and other mental health problems.

Here are some tips to help you come out in the open about your sexuality:

1. Be calm and confident
When having a frank chat with your parents, ensure you come straight to the point and do not beat around the bush. Speak in a clear language so that there’s no chance of your parents misunderstanding with you. It is recommended that you pick a time for a chat that’s convenient for your parents and when they are not overwhelmed with other things.

2. Give them some time and space to digest the information
Some parents may say upfront to their children that they have no issues with their sexuality and respect the way they are. However, some parents may feel shocked when first hearing the news. This is natural. Don’t hold this against your parents and more importantly give them time and space to process the information.

3. Answer their questions calmly
It is quite possible your parents may ask you some questions about your sexual orientation. Don’t get impatient while you address their questions. You can also offer them some literature on bisexuality so that they can understand it and you better.

4. Don’t rule out help of a counselor
Even after your best efforts, it is possible that your parents may not accept your sexual orientation. Well, if that’s so, you can seek help of a third party, which could be a professional counselor or someone whom your parents trust and to whom you have revealed your sexual identity and who has taken things in a mature way.

5. Stay strong
You’ve done all you could do to make your parents understand that you are bisexual, that your sexual orientation is something you’re probably born with, that you like dating bi women on bisexual dating website, that there are millions of girls all round the world that feel pretty much the same way as yours. You’ve even taken help of a counselor. But your parents still are not prepared to accept your sexual orientation.

If that’s so, takes things with a pinch of salt. Remember things are rarely every perfect in life—and move on.

Your parents’ inability to understand and accept your sexuality is their shortcoming—and not yours. Remember this too.
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If you think you need support, join a relevant community online or elsewhere. Reach out to other bi females online and you will find having parents who understand you is great but, more importantly, not having such parents is not the end of the world.