You can practice meditation in many ways, and yet all of them are revolving around the same main aspects: to live the present moment, to shut down your thoughts, to pay attention to whatever is happening both inside and outside your mind, and to simply become an observant. And the best thing is that you can practice meditation anywhere.

As simple as it seems to be, meditation has incredible power over our mind and body. In today’s article, we’re going to focus on meditation’s effects on our mind.

More specifically, we’ll discover how meditation can help us cope with or completely overcome our mental problems. Please remember that our mind is tightly connected with our body, so if there’s any change in our mind there is an equal change in our body and vice versa.

1. Meditation Can Cast Your Demons Away
By casting away demons, I’m talking about diminishing and removing negative emotions such as anger, worthlessness, stress, depression, insomnia, and it even bipolar disorder.

When we meditate, we enter a journey towards peace and silence. We must go way beyond our noisy thoughts and reach a state of deep rest. And yet, your mind will still be fully awake and alert.

Because of this complex mental state, our body will experience several healing effects: normalization of the heart rate and blood pressure, reduced production of stress and adrenaline hormones, improved oxygen usage in the body, and overall strengthening of the immune system.

Don’t imagine that you must be an experienced meditator in order to benefit from the above-mentioned effects. No. New or old in the practice of mediation, the effects are highly similar, and there is one research that proves this too.

Meditating on a regular basis allows your body to leverage all the above-mentioned benefits of the deep rest.

Gradually, whether it’s chronic stress or depression, this will help you release more and more negative effects that you accumulate from your mental problem, and eventually restore our body.

Even simpler put, meditation brings back your mind and body to the natural state in terms of health and balance.

2. Meditation Triggers the Brain’s Neurotransmitters of Well-Being
When we enter a meditation trance of deep rest, our brain’s neurotransmitters that are responsible for every enhance of feelings like well-being, peace, focus, and calmness are triggered. Dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and endorphins are four key neurotransmitters that are simultaneously released in our body, something that no drug is able to do.

Jaden Parish, HR manager at Rush My Essay, explains these neurotransmitters in simple terms:

“Dopamine is the substance produced by your brain’s experience, which is defined by pleasure, motivation, and happiness. That’s why drugs provoke addiction. Motivation can boost your dopamine harder than any drug can.

Serotonin provides a deep calmness effect, which replaces all the tension and stress accumulated with a focused and relaxed state. GABA, by inhibiting the activity of our nerve cells, is helping us cope and control any feeling of fear and anxiety. Lastly, endorphins help us cope with pain and stress.”

3. Meditation Promotes Sleep Quality and Deep Relaxation
These days, most of us experience the effects of sleep deprivation, which only makes coping with stress harder and turns us into irritable persons. Luckily, meditation is connected with insomnia, as it can be all the therapy we need according to a scientific study.

When we meditate, we enter a deep state of relaxation as our brain keeps increasing the number of brainwaves like alpha and theta, which are tightly connected with deep relaxation.
Therefore, when it’s about time to close your eyes and get some restful sleep, meditate and allow yourself to enter a genuinely calm state which will drift your mind away from any thought that used to keep you awake and let yourself to slowly fall asleep instead.

4. Meditation Enhances Our Focus and Attention
Many times, stress occurs when we’re trying to manage more than one task at the same time because our brain is not structured to multitask. As Academized Reviews says, you just need to try to read something and speak with someone at the same time. You can’t now, do you?

Meditation makes is an exceptional practice for our mind because meditation is all about focusing on and observing one specific thing at the time while not letting any exterior factor disturb us. For instance, take this study on meditation and concentration where a larger group of managers received meditation courses.

The results were fantastic, as their ability to focus for longer periods of time increased drastically. Another two improvements in their behavior were their ability to memorize things faster and their decreased level of stress.

The practice of meditation is only a tool that makes it easier for our minds to open up and do their magic. The power is already within us and meditation helps us leverage it. If you or somebody you know suffers from any mental problem, there’s a big chance to move past it with the power of meditation.

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