When we look out on the horizon, the point where land and sky meet-how do we know there is something beyond what we are seeing? How do we know that it does not stop there?

We just know. We understand that what we are seeing is an illusion. We have no doubt whatsoever that what we see as the horizon, is due to our limited perspective of how far we can see.

We know there is something beyond, we know our vision is limited.

So why is it, if we have so much faith, belief and trust that there is something beyond the horizon, even though we can’t see it, we struggle to have the faith, belief and trust in other things we can’t physically see?

How often do we give up on our dreams and goals, because we can’t see how they can possibly be achieved? We can’t see further than our own limited perspective of what is real?

How brilliant would it be if we applied the the same faith, belief and trust to our goals and dreams as we do when looking at the horizon?

When we know without question, there is so much more beyond what we can see. When we totally understand we have a limited physical perspective of what is real. When we believe, completely, in the endless and limitless.

How much more would we broaden our horizons of faith belief, trust and limitless, endless possibilities?

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Author's Bio: 

Janet has diplomas in coaching, EFT and psychology. She is a registered
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and a member of the
European Coaching Institute. She creates and delivers workshops as well as 121 and group coaching and has over 500 hours personal and business coaching experience.

She has her own coaching practice Adopt Coaching, specialising in Confidence and Belief Therapy Techniques. Janet is also part of the team at Hedpop, which specialises in delivering training and workshops in the corporate and private sector, using various tools and techniques including NLP, EFT and Beliefs Therapy, to encourage and guide individuals to change their inner thinking, resulting in permanent, empowering, positive outcomes.

Janet’s mission statement is:-

“My purpose as a Beliefs Therapist is to support and guide people, using different techniques and therapies in discovering their unique purpose and natural born talents. I help them face and confront their fears, their lack of self worth and self confidence, by uncovering their limiting beliefs and freeing their minds. They find the courage to take action and overcome whatever it is that is holding them back from living to their true potential. Then they are able to fulfil their unique destiny, achieving everything they put their minds to, using their natural gifts and talents and having a big life.”