1. Like the fragrance of good cologne to the breathing hole in the nose and passage of the nose covering is the serene and true love that comes from a sincere sweetheart to the source and emotional center of one in quest of love and pleasurable satisfaction, especially in marriage relationship. Do not hurt a friend where his or her deepest and sincerest feelings are located. Have ability to feel humane and altruistic feelings of affection, love and warm admiration. Let you mental state or frame of mind make someone feel intensely loved.

2. A man who sees a woman attractive at the nightfall should be able to see her adorable at dawn.A gentleman who sees his wife gifted with traits and qualities that attract affection or expressing love at the spring time of life should also see her distinctly pleasing or charming at the winter time of life. Women are strange; if you want to marry a woman, be ready to accept her lifestyle.

3. Cracking a smile is accepting the differences between two people and appreciating diversities in nature. Those who know how to break into a smile will know how to get themselves acquainted with facts and formula for calculating the speed, velocity, acceleration of the distance between them and another. Being in the state of happiness will enable you understand the effect of impulse and momentum of emotions and motion in relationship. An often imaginary place or situation of delight is wonderful but happy medium that encourages moral soundness and helps maintain good health is something to shout about in a relationship.

4. When you want to give excuse in relationship, do it from a lovely heart and with a smile which is your most beautiful asset. It is in your best interest to know that healthy compromise increases confidence, intelligence, uprightness and goodness in relationship. Do not do things that will make your partner loss the trust in you.

5. Long distance relationship is the hardest thing to do, it is the greatest of my adventures and the most challenging of my finest lifestyle. You can make your love the choicest one by coming up with ways to communicate with your spouse. Go beyond talking with each other on phone, make use of online video calls and chat services or use web to cherish each other. Visit each other more often, have confidence in and reliance on each other; having faith in each other is making the relationship work well.

6. He who knows the pain in shame do not degrade himself or settle for a low life to make the scene of sexual recklessness with a woman of easy virtue. A man who eat up to be eaten up by a woman of easy virtue to give up his aspirations in life is a man who do not have at his fingertips how to eat a woman of easy virtue alive. Promote your proper sense of value and increase your awesome splendor so that you can fulfil your purpose for living.

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