Have you been approached by this evil and vicious monster yet? If you haven’t I guarantee it is lurking around the corner from you right now. It might not be too long before he reaches out with his huge tentacles, grabs you and makes you another one of his victims.

This vicious monster I’m talking about is “Big Pharma, the prescription drug companies. Make no light of this matter. It could happen to you today, tomorrow, maybe not until next month. However there’s a better than even chance it will happen to you if you continue to do business with the average conventional doctor.

Your conventional doctor has this vicious monster hiding in his closet and when you visit him with some sort of illness or disease. If he doesn’t examine you thoroughly, ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle, your diet, how you handle stress or a about anything that’s causing your ailment – Beware!

The vicious monster is about to strike.

This conventional doctor will go over to his closet, open the door and release this vicious monster which in reality is writing you a prescription to start taking immediately.

And the reason this scenario is repeated hundreds and even thousands of times each day around the country is because this doctor doesn’t know how else to treat your ailment except to write you a prescription for you to take for who knows for how long.

It’s ludicrous and shameful that this scenario repeats itself daily and millions of innocent people are sucked in to the system reluctantly every day. It’s become a way of life for most people. They don’t realize there are safer and better ways to handle illnesses today.

Everyday this vicious medical monster brainwashes America into believing they have the ultimate cure for every disease of illness on earth. They continue to poison people with what they believe is their magic potions every time they visit their doctor.

How will all of this end? Many times it ends in a real disaster, either by a patient’s illness getting worse or by the patient eventually dying.

Now if all this language sounds brutal it’s not near as brutal as being exposed to the clutches of the vicious medical monster and gulping down his, so-called, magical potions. It could be even worse than death when you hear or read stories of the pain and agony some patients experience because of these poisonous medications.

Now that fall and winter will soon be here, we are starting to read or hear on TV how critical it is to get your flu shot, another poisonous medication that “Big Pharma” wants you to accept.

The TV ads or the newspaper ads paint a bleak picture if you don’t get your flu shot soon. They even emphasize it could be death threatening if you don’t get a flu shot. Wake up folks! This is pure propaganda. Your chances of dying or becoming violently ill is more likely to happen from taking the flu shot than not taking it.

Now what is even more concerning about all this talk about the vicious medical monster is when he reaches out with his huge tentacles and grabs hold of innocent little children and wants to medicate them with something new.

This is the day when they get their first vaccinations. Oh! What a disastrous story this can get to be. Here’s another chapter in medical stories that needs to be looked at with skepticism. Thank goodness there are many parents now refusing to have their children inoculated because they are highly concerned about the safety of these vaccinations.

Here’s a question I want to ask adults who experienced these childhood diseases like measles, mumps and chicken pox when you when you were a child. Did you get vaccinated for these diseases?

Most likely you didn’t because there weren’t any vaccination then or you didn’t find a need to have them. You let those diseases to wear off eventually.

Recent news now is about the decision to prescribe statin drugs for children with high cholesterol. WOW! What’s next

Well you can bet the vicious monster is thinking everyday what iI can do next to get ahold of someone with it’s tentacles and poison them with another “poisonous potion” so it can make millions and millions more dollars. Before millions more of innocent victims will be killed, the cold hard facts need to be heard. And it’s this. We need to destroy this vicious monster once and for all.

Here’s how it’s done. Either demand more attention from your conventional doctor in the way of serious discussion of your illness and alternative treatments for your illness or leave him or her and find you a doctor who will do it.

There are a few well-qualified doctors who really care about your illness and want to get you well with safer treatments than the average conventional doctor does. You just need to find them. These doctors fall into the categories of holistic, osteopaths naturopaths and even regular Md.’s who are highly educated in nutrition.

If you are serious about living a much healthier lifestyle without pain, discomfort and expensive prescription drugs, this is the route you need to follow. Believe me it’s possible to lead this kind of life, just be persistent about finding a doctor who can help you.

Author's Bio: 

Sonny grew up in a family that owned a local florist business that lasted for 63 years. For 29 years he was personally involved in the business.

Eventually becoming dissatisfied at the age of 44 years with it, he left to become a sales representative and spent more than 20 years in sales roles.

After retirement Sonny became heavily involved in developing an Internet business.

Four years ago, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the first visit with his wife to her oncologist, Sonny became involved in a discussion over possible treatments. He wanted to discuss alternative treatments instead of conventional treatments for her disease. The doctor was not receptive to his ideas at all.

His wife did eventually accept the doctor's decision but Sonny never did endorse it.

Because of this experience he left the doctor's office that day vowing to spent the rest of this life searching for alternative health methods to treat and cure all types of illnesses and diseases.

He then began sharing that information on his websites and even started writing articles on health matters to raise public awareness on the issues.

His wife's cancer is now in remission and she does accept many of his healthy recommendations. Hopefully both of them will extend their life expectancy by following daily healthier practices.

Sonny will continue to share this valuable information that he has compiled over the years, plus any other information he finds in the future, with everyone who is interested in his findings. He has released his ebook ”Become Healthier in Body and Mind” You can download it at his website: www.sonnyjulius.com