There is an old saying goes like a drowning man will catch at a straw. When a man has been bothered by chronic prostatitis for a long period, he will be very anxious to find a problem-solver. However, no matter how anxious and afflicted you are, you can not rush to the treatment blindly and excessively.

According to the views of doctors, these three things can not be overdone when having chronic prostatitis.

1. Over-diagnosis

The main expression of prostatitis is urinary irritation and pain, and the patients with affected sexual function only accounts for a few, and the patients with affected procreation accounts for an extreme few. Usually, your symptoms and causes can be diagnosed in normal hospital.

However, chronic prostatitis is now often cited by agencies and advertisers as a source of dirty money, which has been overstated as a disease that can always seriously affects sexual and reproductive function, which includes asthenospermia, erectile dysfunction and semen non-liquefaction. Patients with anxious mindset will easily believe that it is true, and they will tend to overdo examinations to identify their conditions.

2. Over-treatment

When a certain treatment can not effectively improve the condition of the patient within a month, he may be not satisfied and tend to choose another treatment option. When the failure occurs again, he may be prone to over-treatment.

You should know some invasive methods for the treatment of prostatitis, such as urethral perfusion and prostatic injection, may cause certain damage to the prostate gland and urethra of patients, which will be prone to prostate tissue fibrosis and urethral stricture. So not all patients need excessive treatment. In general, comprehensive treatment is still adopted to relieve patients' symptoms, such as pain and urination discomfort, aiming at improving patients' quality of life.

3. Overuse of antibiotics

Many patients think that taking medicine will make them better, usually antibiotics. And they think the more medicine they take, the faster they will get better, which is totally wrong. For patients with prostatitis, they only need to take antibiotics in the case of bacterial infection, and such patients only account for about 5%to 10%.

Taking antibiotics blindly for a long time will lead to more and more drug-resistant bacteria, and eventually there may be no drug available in the case of severe bacterial infection. In this case, a herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken to better dispel inflammations, which has no side effects or drug resistance. For patients with chronic prostatitis, it is a great option.

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