Today  –  March 15th  2017 –  is the day that Julius Caesar, Emperor of Rome was brutally murdered by Brutus.  The assassination of Julius Caesar occurred in the year 44 BC, and ever since, the Ides of March has been considered a notorious day of bad luck. 

In fact, the horrific, murderous act by Brutus is in fact the derivation of the word “brutal.”

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Julius Caesar was stabbed to death at a meeting of the Roman Senate.  Apparently, scores of conspirators were involved in the crime, which was led by Brutus and Cassius. According to historical / mythical accounts, a “Seer,” meaning a wise man, or a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight, had warned that harm would come to Caesar no later than the Ides of March.  Brutus could well have used a team of really good Criminal Defense Lawyers, but he murdered 2,060 years too early, because today, he could have called Los Angeles Lawyers, just like OJ Simpson did.

On his way to the Theatre of Pompeii, where he would be assassinated, Caesar passed the Seer and joked, "The Ides of March are come", implying that the prophecy had not been fulfilled, to which the Seer replied "Aye, Caesar; but not gone.” 

This fateful meeting was famously dramatized in William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar,” when Caesar is warned by the Soothsayer (Seer) to "beware the Ides of March.”

Oh, and don’t forget about what happened to the City of Pompeii, exactly one hundred and twenty-four (124) years later. 

After many centuries of quiet and peaceful coexistence, Mount Vesuvius broke the silence, and erupted massively, with devastating results for the Cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and their unfortunate inhabitants, including descendants of Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius. 

With further misfortune, the approximately (only) two thousand (2,000) survivors could not turn to Personal Injury Lawyers Los Angeles, and Had no chance of being compensated for their losses.  There were no Los Angeles Lawyers, and no LA Jewish Lawyers. 

They would have come in handy!

Pompeii and Herculaneum were ordinary cities for the time period, just a couple of many urban centers throughout Italy and the Roman Empire.  Pompeii was much larger than Herculaneum, with a pre-Eruption population of around 15,000 people. 

Of those 15,000 citizens, more than 13,000 died in the Eruption, without any Personal Injury Lawyers or probate attorneys … what a disaster!

Before the Eruption, Pompeii was a thriving city, with inhabitants enjoying all of the luxuries of the time, from baths and theaters, to temples and markets, restaurants and bars. 

Yes, seriously … bars.  Pompeii had more than one hundred fifty (150) restaurants and taverns, compared to just a dozen or so in the smaller seaside city of Herculaneum. 

Pompeii was a thriving city, with luxurious private houses, apartment buildings, and public buildings and parks. 

But for some “bad luck,” everything would have been fine.

Today, the Ides of March is a day viewed much as “Friday the 13th” meaning that we must all be careful lest bad luck take its toll on us. 

Some take this seriously … and others, not so much.

As for me, truth be told, I have never yet had a bad Friday the 13th or “Ides of March.” 

But that could change, in an instant … since, although the Ides of March has arrived, it is not yet over, and so … anything could happen. 

So, heed my advice:  hug your family, tell them you love them, ignore your “enemies” or people that annoy you, look both ways when crossing the street, yield to oncoming traffic, pay all of your bills, don’t forget where you left your keys …. Take everything seriously … but not too seriously …

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