Bond cleaning may seem to be an easy undertake but practically speaking, it's not so. Most tenants consider bond cleaning to be similar to that of regular house cleaning but they fail to understand the intricacies and detailing required for executing the job and end up losing a significant portion of their deposit money. Whether you are a cleaning perfectionist or a layman, it's better not to risk DIY vacate cleaning as a slight mistake can ruin the experience of relocation and result in financial loss.

In this article, we have listed 4 terrible bond cleaning mistakes to make you aware in advance if you are willing to relocate soon. Stay glued till the end! 

Starting Late

The key to successful bond cleaning in Melbourne starts with early preparation and planning. Whether you are moving a large apartment or a small space, you should prepare a cleaning checklist at least a month ahead of your scheduled date of relocation to avoid any fuss or stress at the time of move-out. Sorting scrap household belongings, arranging packing supplies, hiring professional bond cleaners can't be done overnight and tenants who ignore preparing a checklist and leave these tasks to be accomplished, at last, end up with big chaos during the final hour of relocation.

Skimping on Cleaning Detergents

It's good to save money but the idea isn't wise when it comes to vacate cleaning. Landlords are overly picky during end of lease inspection and discoloured carpets, upholstery, rugs and floors can agitate them to the extent of withholding your bond money. Unfortunately, tenants who relocate for the first time consider professional bond cleaning services to be expensive and buy local detergents from the market for use during DIY exit cleaning without testing a sample. Needless to say, toxic chemicals and harsh solvents ruin the shine and lustre of floors, upholstered items and make them lose a significant portion of security money.

Not Following a Proper Order

Bond cleaning is different from regular house cleaning and hence, the cleaning procedures are also different and detailed. Experts always recommend to start off cleaning the high-traffic areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, driveway first and then with the rest of the areas to make the task effortless and hassle-free. However, tenants who are first-timers and undertake bond cleaning in Melbourne simply out of sheer excitement, lack practical skills and end up with a total mess during the final hour of relocation. 

Not Hiring Professional Removalists

Bond cleaning has never been an easy ordeal as it requires hands-on expertise and advanced cleaning skills. Treating carpet stains, soiled upholstered fabrics, stained and filthy floors require sound skill-set and acumen and people who lack these abilities make the worst blunder during bond back cleaning services in Melbourne. Additionally, most tenants consider bond cleaning to be expensive and refrain from hiring professionals but they fail to analyse the after-effects they might end up post DIY bond cleaning. Hence, it's always wise to appoint specialists for the vacate cleaning job and eliminate the worries of losing security money.

Now that you are aware of these terrible bond cleaning blunders, avoid making them at all costs to make bond cleaning simple and hassle-free. If you find this post helpful, share your feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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The author specialises in bond back cleaning services in Melbourne for many years and offer reliable, safe and hassle-free bond cleaning in Sunshine & Footscray using state-of-the-art tools and equipment at a reasonable price.