Political Betting: Odds for Trump Winning the Election

With less than a month to go until the US presidential elections, the question in everyone’s minds is who will be the next president of the US?! Is Donald Trump going to maintain his throne or can Joe Biden put an end to what may be considered as one of the most controversial presidential mandates in recent decades?

The elections always caused up quite a stir, but nowadays that political betting is possible, they are more exciting than ever. If you were looking to place a bet yourself, here is a few key things you should know about the situation of the elections betting at this time.

Trump the Favorite Early On

The odds for the presidential elections were available over a year ago and back than it was Donald Trump who was the heavy favorite to win it, with Democratic candidate Senator Kamala Harris coming in strong second. However, things have changed since then and we now know that Joe Biden will be the Democratic candidate, with all major figures in his party endorsing him. If ever there was a time to jump online and place a bet, possibly with a freebet from one of the bookies, it is now.

The current president’s odds, on the other hand, remained somewhat steady as he was always going to be the next Republican candidate. The impeachment trial did not help his chances, but once that was over the odds bounced right back and remained steady ever since.

Trump and Biden Racing to the Finish Line

Now that each party has selected its candidate beyond a shadow of a doubt and the first debates have come and gone, the real contest remains only between the two. Other candidates, as usual, are only there to make some white noise.

At the time of writing, the odds on Joe Biden to win the election stand at -200 while betting on President Trump will get you the odds of +170. The difference in the odds was influenced by many things, not the least of all Trump’s poor performance on the debate as well as his recent coronavirus shenanigans.

Yet, at +170 it is hard not to bet on Trump to win it again. The race against Hilary Clinton seemed like much more of a lost cause and he pulled that one off, not to mention that Joe Biden does not really seem like a person fit to lead the nation at his age.

All will be said and done come November, but in the meantime it is time to look up the odds, hit those bookies and place your bets on your favorite candidate. After all, elections only come around once every four year so making it more interesting with some financial risk could double the excitement to say the least.

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