There has been a storm of impeachment threats as early as days after President Trump got elected into power. However; recently, the possibility of an impeachment has lingered for a while and is more possible than ever before. Away from just the political side, Bettors get to profit from their predictions on a possible impeachment on President Trump. This is discussed below.

Betting on politics is similar to sports betting. In the US, online betting is not legal in all states, meanwhilein NJ sports betting online is completely legal.Sports bettors in such states that permit online betting can bet on political events across the country. The bettors get to bet on the possibility of an event, with odds changing based on various circumstances. One of such was the 2016 Presidential elections where President Donald Trump won with the odds stacked against him, another was the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States election, another was the Stormy Daniels accusation.

Currently in the US, one of the hottest topics is the impeachment saga. The head of the Trump betting at Paddy Power Betfair, Joe Lee, had stated “Look I can’t get into specific volumes, but I can tell you that the impeachment market is probably in the top three in terms of volume that we’re seeing among the Trump propositions.”

According to PredictIt users, they have considered the possible results of a Trump impeachment. Chances of an impeachment in 2019 were at 40%, the chances were at 78% in the first term. There was also a 21% implied chance that the President was going to resign in his first term, and a 22% implied chance that the POTUS would be convicted in a trial in the Senate.

This issue has even intensified with the recent vote by the democrat-controlled House of Representatives for a public impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. With these votes, the House made the proceedings official, enabling the general public to get first-hand knowledge of all thattranspires; such as giving the public access to the transcripts of witness interviews as well as public hearings.

For most political bettors, the question on their minds include what the odds of impeachment are and whether the democrats will be able to succeed in their bid to get President Donald Trump out of office.

In order to get Trump impeached, the democrats still need some Republican support from the House and Senate. With all the Republicans and a number of democrats voting against the impeachment inquiries, this task could be a pretty difficult one. This is because the Constitution mandates that for the President to be impeached, this has to be done by a two-third supermajority. Therefore, convincing the Republicans to follow this process might be impossible if there’s no implicating revelation during the hearing.

The first public hearings on the impeachment inquiry took place on the 13th of November. This hearing involved the testimonies of Bill Taylor (the Ukrainian Interim Ambassador) and George Kent the Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs).After the first day of hearing, the impeachment odds seemed to alter. Based on, the odds of impeaching the President went from $0.78 to $0.74 by the end of the first day of public hearings. Also, odds of Trump finishing his tenure as President dipped while the hearing was on. Prior to the hearings, the odds were up to $0.78 but during the testimony, the odds greatly reduced to $0.71, though these odds are back to $0.77 now.

With the impeachment inquiries extending to the next weeks, the odds of Trump being impeached are not likely to have any significant alterations, except some damning evidence gets revealed. This may not be totally possible as the next hearing involves the testimony of Marie Yovanovich, an ex-Ambassador to Ukraine who was not among the officials when the POTUS had the telephone conversation with Ukraine’s President although, Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the EU, is expected to give his testimony on November 20 and odds could get altered based on what he says.

In all, the odds of President Trump getting impeached increase or decrease based on revelations and evidence regarding President Trump’s actions.

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