Self-upbringing and learning are the processes that have no end. The journey becomes more joyful when you can enjoy company and friendship of mind full people who can help you to improve in your life and lead you to achieve personal and professional goals. Betsy Wiersma is one such inspiring person who is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, event organizer, and podcast host and in 2019, she also became a TEDx speaker.

The bellow are the interview highlights with Insights Success a top business magazine

Betsy is the Creator of CampExperience™ Network which is a one-of-a-kind annual retreat and ongoing gatherings designed entirely for women who are ready for education and inspiration, and who want to connect to a network of amazing women. She started The CampExperience™ Network in 2005 to fulfill her dream to be a “work-at-home” mom and to enjoy everyday activities with her adopted daughter.

Betsy’s philosophy is return on ideas. Through CampExperience™ Network, she is crafting meaningful activities for women to be inspired, to live on purpose, and to make their unique contribution to the world while having fun.

CampExperience™ Network also hosted Powerful Purpose Vision Board workshops in Norway and interviewed leaders. In another adventure, Betsy traveled to Sydney Harbor in Australia to climb the bridge, raise $3500 for a charity and interviewed more local women leaders. Global outreach is back on track for 2021 and 2022 with Art & Insight workshops.

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