Currently, the best way to send money overseas is to do a wireless transfer of the money. In this case,the person sending the money requests the bank to do a direct transfer of money to another person’s bank account in overseas. This is called wireless transfer. The Banks might do this transfer with the assistance of another bank in the overseas and then finally into the required person account. However a fee is charged for this transfer. Best thing about this service is that its fast compared toothers. Most of the banks today provide this service of which one of the well–known name out in the market is the Western Union Bank. Some of the banks might have some tie–ups with the overseas bank and sending money via such banks helps in saving the transfer fee.Thus, even though there might be other ways to send money overseas, the best way in today’s fast paced world would be to do a wireless transfer and it is pretty much secure process, unless someone specifies a wrong bank account number.

Before we mentioned some of the new high tech players in the game, but let’s talk about good old MoneyGram, one of the international money transfer. They started much like Western Union but they offer money transfers that are completely processed online. That being said, MoneyGram transfers are not instantaneous. It often takes at least 3 business days to process a transfer. They do offer same day service but it is expensive. MoneyGram’s real advantage is their worldwide reach. You can send money virtually anywhere around the globe.And to get that worldwide reach, you have to pay for it. Sending $500 in the US costs around $15 for economy service and $39 for same day service, which is charged to the sender, not the recipient. The fees are clearly very high and probably best for international transactions.

Western union or money gram would be the best way. You could use paypal, but they charge some kind of fee for large amounts of money. Also, they put a hold on large amounts of money for about a month. After the month, then you can touch the money. I think this can be very risky, seeing as they can also freeze your account. It might take a while to unfreeze your account (for personal accounts).Western union or money gram should have fixed rates for certain amounts of money. You would have to pick up the money and show ID. I think this is one of the best way also if you need money ASAP.You could also try bank transfer if you have a bank account.

Online Money Transfer is a well known concept nowadays. A brief research over the Internet will give you plenty of results to justify this statement. However, when security is the concern, very few online money transfers will qualify for this spot. What is secure online money transfer all about? it is all about incorporating the latest technologies that pertain to Internet security to make online money transfer solution that is rock solid. What do you need to test the authenticity of a secured online money transfer solution?Any secured online money transfer service should be able to deliver unmatched online money transfer solutions across a variety of platforms.A money transfer solution built to work only on Windows environment that fails to work on any other environment cannot be called secured, because it would easily be hacked outside windows environment. When selecting your online money transfer service provider, you should check out for the security options they offer. If you are not a technology buff, it may be quite perplexing for you to know about all security measures that are mentioned. The best way is to read about technology innovations that are taking place and that are related to security in money transfer.You can also directly enquire about security aspects offered by online money transfer service providers and compare various security aspects offered by various companies. This will give you an idea of secured money transfer services. Check out EPAY for secure online transfer services. Epay allows three types of transfers, single transfer, multiple transfers and recurring transfer. Using Single Transfer, you can transfer funds to any single beneficiary one time, not to mention securely. Multiple transfer facilities allow you to transfer funds to more than one beneficiary or EPAY account holders, while recurring transfers allow you to transfer funds repeatedly.

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