Often times you will find the person who wins thought they could win. From athletic contests to the lottery winning is fun and provides benefits to the victor. In some cases winning requires a long process of preparation and toil. Dedication and commitment are also often precursors to victory. What happens when two individuals of equal preparation skill and potential meet head to head?

Having a winning attitude is something we hear from grade school on. Its an over used and completely misunderstood idea and leaves many people confused or unwilling to enter the contest. Wanting to win is much different than a winning attitude. Most people are familiar with the desire to be first, to win.

One of the most powerful elements to having a winning attitude is to actually think you can win. There is a big difference between thinking you can win and thinking you will win. Avoid arrogance that says you will win and embrace a powerful humility that says you could win. If you can say to yourself I can win and feel at peace then chances are you've done the necessary preparations to actually achieve your objective.

Positive attitude is big these days and in many ways I think its overdone. If everybody in the race has a positive attitude does that mean everyone wins? No. Not usually.

Success and winning can be approached from a reverse engineering perspective. Picture yourself at the starting line or at the beginning of whatever it is you wish to win. Say to yourself, " I think I can win", now examine your inner thoughts and feelings about that statement. Chances are your feelings about that statement will reveal your shortcomings, and point you in the direction or proper preparation.

If you put yourself in the position of thinking you can win based on preparation, desire, and willingness to do the required work then you chances of winning are much greater.

The bottom line is that there is victory in being in the game. Desire better, more, or the win is commendable and this desire in and of itself is a building block of a winning attitude.

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Joe Crawford is an entrepreneur and authors a group of successful home business ideas websites. Writing mostly about business opportunities and small business ideas that can make an impact both financially and personally. If you thinking of starting a business give them a read.