Now is not the time to be shy or humble. Go online and tell the world using a blog about your MLM achievement and produce some of your best MLM leads! There are many who will be interested in your MLM success and things you've learned. They even want to know about your failures and how you kept on working to find success! Once they get to know you and find out more about you, many of these will become your best MLM leads.

A blog can be one of your best MLM recruiting tools for for this reason: people want to know about you. Many people are looking to identify was somebody who they can use as a role model. Many are looking for information and tips and also what to avoid. They're looking for someone who wants to make a name for themselves. But if you're the kind of person who can do that, you will gain attention and readership, as well as business!

If you don't already have a blog, it is time for you to get one as soon as possible. If you already have one, or are getting one, here are some things you could share with your readers to start helping them:

1. Your "journey to success" story.
2. Your ideas on what not to do. Don't be afraid to share the stories of mistakes you've made - just share how to avoid or fix the mistakes as well!
3. Give the 10 reasons to your opportunity's the best out there.
4. Your tips for developing a strong business plan.
5. Tell them how you set your goals.
6. Stories about other successful people - they don't have to be network marketers, just stories about successful people who reached their goals through hard work and perseverance.

If you're scared are hesitant to start a blog, here are some ideas of why you should start a blog:

1. It's easy. Even those without a technical background can easily start a blog!
2. You can increase traffic to your website from your blog.
3. There are features with blogs to allow you to automate your posts, meaning you can write today and post tomorrow automatically.
4. They are loved by Google!
5. The backlinks you receive will help the page rank.
6. People see you more and it helps brand yourself.
7. You can earn additional money by putting adsense on it!
8. Sell your own and others products through your blog.
9. You will have people that will subscribe to your site through RSS and expect fresh content!
10. If you post on a consistent basis, your reader base will increase.
11. Your readers can participate by posting comments. By answering comments, you can build friendship and trust.
12. You help build your credibility!
13. You can find some of your best MLM leads!

Hopefully you can see the need to start or continue blogging with a lot of zeal. Blogging is an incredibly powerful way of bringing in more traffic to your MLM website and making those valuable and highly sought after sales and recruits that we all need for success!

By opening yourself up to others about your MLM experience, and giving tips and techniques, people will see you as someone they can trust and reciprocate to you. This will lead to continued success on your Network Marketing quest and provide you your best MLM leads.

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