First meeting should be about building a friendship before initiating sex. The friendship will be the foundation to keep the relationship cemented in place.

When working on a friendship there is no fear of being your self. Trust is built first out of friendship and grows more with every moment you spend reveling information about each others lives. The ability to be vulnerable becomes so easy.

Time is not recognized because of hours of talking to each other, as you hang on to every word spoken.

Attraction starts to build stronger with every contact made with each other. Trust begins when secrets are reveled to each other that have never been spoken to another, this brings you closer.

You are becoming best friends.

You are falling in love, hopelessly in love. You now want each other physically, your minds and bodies on fire. You have desire for each other and it feels wonderful. The first kiss, wow amazing, the passion is building stronger! The Friendship you have makes the emotional connection and sexual attraction explosive, better than just a sexual connection.

This kind of relationship is the strongest… Best friends and Lovers!

Never accept a sexual relationship before becoming friends, emotions become exaggerated and strong. Trust has not been built. Closeness has not been established. Sex alone is not a strong foundation. When the fire and desire of a new sexual relationship dies down you must have the closeness of a best friend. The desire and passion will always have a flame that will ignite to a blazing fire over and over again!

Author's Bio: 

I was born in Liverpool, England on September 15, 1951. I have one son who was born May of 1974 in the USA. I have one Grandson born November of 2006, one Granddaughter born March of 2008 and one brother 9yrs younger than I. My parents moved to the United States when I was 5yrs old. I reside in the south central part of the United States.

In my business life and personal life I always have people coming to me with the stresses and triumphs in their lives. I listen with compassion and caring. Sometimes this is all that people want is for someone to just listen. Other times they just want someone to support them and help them to learn how to move forward to achieve there goals and dreams.

I have experienced over 50 yrs of life with many challenges from divorce after 25yrs and the death of my parents and more. I have also had great success in my life.