To be motivated to build that greek god-like bod like Michael B. Jordan you surely need access to his workout songs. He overall stunned everybody with his ripped look for Creed-2, and that came with pushing himself to extreme limits. Moreover, the actor is not new to the gym scene, and most guys look up to him for inspiration. His workout songs collection let him work up a sweat while he trained hard to put on massive muscle mass. So we dug really deep around the internet and came up with his favorite collection that keeps him going back to those tough sessions. Beware, it can fill you with tremendous energy and push you to step out of boundaries to have a killer workout! So listen at your own risk!

Top Michael B. Jordan’s Workout Songs for that Extra Stimulus!

‘Till I Collapse

Listening to Eminem can certainly never get old. And with that said ‘Till I Collapse is one of his superhits from 2002. The song thus finds its place in the list of best workout songs of all time for that perfect hard-hitting workout playlist. This song still finds a place in most of the workout playlists worldwide according to data collected by Spotify. Also, this is one permanent song for everybody’s workout liked by many including Michael B. Jordan.

Ni**as in Paris

Firstly put this song on loop and then have a pumped up workout session. Ni**as in Paris is a collaboration by American Rappers Kanye West and Jay-Z. And seriously when the two great artists decide to come together and collaborate what do you expect other than fireworks? It is moreover one of the best songs from his collection even we swear by.

Last Breath

The lyrics above all blend well perfectly with your workout. "I'll be a fighter to the end, to my last breath. I'm gonna hustle till my last breath". The inspiring vocals from Future in fact forces you to push yourself harder with every rep of every set. This song thus perfectly delivers the needed motivation to accelerate the workout. The track is likely to sway you off your feet and keep you excited throughout the workout.

Taki Taki

Lose yourself to this song, just give in to dynamic beats and feel every movement. Taki Taki is unbeatably one of the best workout songs from 2018. It will make your body groove and fill you with powerful energy. This song is not only meant for your workouts but also adds sparks to any party. So you can probably listen to it any time of the day and not get bored. No doubt you can find it in his playlist because it fires you up from inside!

Mi Gente

Every time you play this song you are going to get goosebumps. It is not something you play in a lower volume so you better be ready to crank it up. Released in 2018 this track still continues to put you in high spirits even in 2019. It remains one of the best workout songs even in 2019 and keeps on inspiring you to give your maximum. Loosen every boundary, every limitation and expand and explore with its incredible beats. After some time you can find yourself with a strong urge of dancing and forgetting to workout. And why not? The workouts should be fun, probably why Michael B. Jordan likes listening to it while exercising.

DJ Turn It Up

An intense song for an intense workout session. It pumps you up, gives you an edgy groove and makes your body burst with all that energy. You are likely to hit harder, faster and come out as more stronger and even better! This song will compel you to find your true abilities and reach for the ultimate goal of fitness. This track works just right to get you hyped up for your intense workout.

Eye of the Tiger

Another fantastic pick to smoothly glide through your workout. To begin with, this song makes you breathe heavily and sweat out to the maximum. At the end of your session you therefore emerge with more strength and power. The music surely makes you feel like you are the master of your workout routine by giving you a terrific adrenaline rush.    


The beat of this song by Imagine Dragons motivate you and force you to either go hard or go home. This will turn into your favorite song in no time and make you bounce with energy. Not only it boosts your endurance, but it charges you up and makes you hit one extra set. The reason is that now you start enjoying your workout and your body is pumping energy and oxygen together.


This song punches you in the face with the required amount of intensity and zeal. It was nominated for Grammys and is capable of giving you the drive and determination. Making to the list of Michael B. Jordan’s workout songs this song lets you zone out during your rigorous session. The tempo sets you in the right state of mind for high-intensity interval workouts and removes mind and energy blocks if any!

You Can’t Stop Me

If anybody challenges your fitness journey or have questions about your ability, this song is the appropriate comeback. You can feel the lyrics pumping you up and making you more upbeat. The words say “My biggest enemy is me, and even I can’t stop me,” if this doesn’t encourage you, God knows what will! This song certainly adds fuel to the fire and makes you move faster by enhancing your enthusiasm with the words you want to hear. The lyrics force you to challenge yourself to your extreme. Trust us you won’t regret adding it to your playlist!

These are some of our top picks we personally love from his playlist. These workout songs will let your workout routine propel in the right direction. So if you are bored of your playlist, it’s time to switch to these aggressive, motivating beats.

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