Women Investment Association is the largest professional women investment organization in the world. WIA provides an insider perspective that can help you make smart investment decisions.
Networking and Building Communities
Networking with each other allows you to learn about each other’s aspirations as well as their commitment to their passion!
Women Investment Association owes the credibility of its platform to exceptional women leaders who come together and build each other up! Our platform serves as a mere bridge in bringing female investors together.
• Conversations – We want to facilitate meaningful conversations so that you can bring your excellent leadership and communicate with like-minded women from the deepest corners of the world.
• Mentorship – By engaging in conversation with female-led business owners, female angel investors can mentor and help secure women entrepreneurship on the map!

Women Investment Association prides on being self-indulgent in female network investors who prefer lending a hand to women entrepreneurs. We believe in raising others collaterally which is why our platform wheels and deals in female investors who only want one thing from women entrepreneurs. Promising leadership, of course!

• Secure Venture Capital Funding – Our female investors network are far more secure and worth every penny as they are not affiliated with a bank or venture capital firm.
• Education – WIA is about educating women on how to be a successful female investor.
• Trustworthy Alliance – Women Investment Association believes in establishing a trustworthy relationship between female investors and women entrepreneurs – hence, the platform!

Our platform serves as the ultimate role model for both our contributing partnerships. Whether you are looking for a female investor or an entrepreneur, Women Investment Association is overflowing with options that might help fulfill your goal.

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