If you are passionate about wines and your love for the beverage knows no bound, something interesting is about to come your way. When it comes to sipping the spirited grape juice, you surely would not want to check on your calorie count. The lusciously glistening drink reveals a blend of sweetness with a hash of tang. It’s kind of an obsession among wine lovers to look for what is best in town. If you are thinking of taking a tour down Swan Valley in Australia, just hop aboard.

A Wee Bit About Swan Valley

Swan Valley is considered a top choice for wineries located in Australia. The historic place is dotted with some of the famous wineries where you can enjoy tasting the choicest of wines along with some delicious nibbles. These tours lead you to smiling at your broadest while paddling across cider houses. The place brings you to some of the exotic winery boutiques of Australia. Get ready for some tantalising wine tasting saga, here in Swan Valley.

If you are eager to do some footwork on Swan valley just to taste the luxuriousness of what reaps out from the wine orchards, here are some wineries to look for:


Tyler’s Vineyard

All those folks working at Tyler’s Vineyard will leave no stone unturned to delight you with the delicious taste of the king of grapes- the Grenache. Every drop will reveal why there has always been a reason you have loved wines. If you want to experience one of the finest wine tours in Perth, visit the Tyler’s Vineyard.

Coward & Black Vineyard

The Masters of wine enjoy a great cocoa partnership with Margaret River chocolate Company. Together they bring towards you a decadent combination of wine and chocolates, two of the most tantalising beverage and food on earth. From laying your tongue on mushy chocolates’ to sipping wines, there is a lot to do at this winery. Also, don’t forget to taste the exciting amalgamation of cocoa and wine in the form of chocolate liquors.

Faber Vineyard

If you are thinking of experiencing Australia’s local parties, Faber Vineyard is the right place to be in. They seem to throw parties at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s Christmas BBQ or any other local occasion, the wine barrels never go dry and the lunches too never go short.

Olive Farm Wines

This Vinery is truly at its best if you are considering a visit to a cheesy cafe. Apart from tasting the flavourful drops make sure you are visiting the Cheese barrel Cafe at Olive Farm Wines. The cheese tasting is a bonus!

Upper Reach Winery

Upper Reach is yet another winery holding Twilight Concerts or intimate outdoor events with outstanding soul attracting acts and exciting food. Furthermore you can book your stay on little cottages as part of the property offering delightful accommodation.

Lancaster Wines

Lots of delicious wines to taste! Yes! Lancaster Wines offers you wines in abundance yet in a humble setting. Ordinary and sweet, Lancaster Wines are also among the oldest wine yards of Swan Valley. As you book a party bus in Perth to make your way to Swan Valley, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

The glamorous rides will take you across some of the most fascinating sights and scenes.

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The author is the owner of a vineyard who often organises wine tours in Perth for people with passion to taste the rich grape extracts.