WiFi Kill is an application that can disconnect users from a Wi-Fi network. You can "kill" the network of all the people who sit with you on the same connection. The service is designed to improve the signal level for one specific device. You will also have the opportunity to view the links of other people who are close to you, and at a particular moment use your network.

The emergence of Wi-Fi networks has added more convenience to many users since you can no longer be tied to your home PC. Now, on any smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can go online, and even do it outside the home router. Public Wi-Fi is a real find for those who need to send an important letter or download a document in a short time.

But, as a rule, the signal on it is very weak, and given the number of nearby users, access to the network turns into a very slow activity. To temporarily change this situation and drag the network over, use the WiFi Kill application.

It is unique in its kind, as it can disconnect from the Internet all people who are currently using the only Wi-Fi signal with you. You literally become the administrator of this network and will be able to independently distribute for yourself more megabytes of information. But, do not overuse the capabilities of this service, since other users may suffer from your activities.

Working with the program is not difficult. You need to get root-rights to your device and install this application on your smartphone or tablet. After starting the program, you do not need additional configuration or other actions that cause difficulties even for experienced users.

You will see a list of all connected IPs that "sit with you on the same wavelength." Next, select the "victim" and turn off the network specifically for this person. Do not overdo it with such actions and use this function only in very extreme cases.

In addition, the application can display not only the connected user but also the information that he is looking for at a particular moment. You can follow these links and view the data there.

The WiFi Kill app has been designed to help in the most “critical” situations when the high-quality, fast Internet is simply vital, so you should not use it for pampering or malicious intent.

Without going into the details of the mechanics of the application, just talk briefly about how to use it:

1. First, you need an Android device with root and version Android 2.1+

2. Install the WiFiKill application on it (Google, of course, banned WiFiKill in the Android Market, but you can download it here )

3. Connect to the WiFi network, and then launch the application. It will scan the network for all connected devices, after which you can disconnect any of them with one touch, or disconnect all devices at once using the “All” button (the victim continues to see the Internet, but go to any site and can’t download anymore)

After exiting the application or unchecking the selected user, the Internet will return to it again. Of course, I and you will use this wonderful application only in the most necessary situations, and we will never use it for fun, right?

You can also use wifi map and wps wpa tester applications for more dig info.

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