WordPress is the most popular CMS of present times, have you ever gave it a thought what is the main factor that added to its success? The main reason which made this one time blogging platform the most powerful CMS is easy personalization and customization. WordPress comes with innumerable plugins, widgets and themes to suit needs of different people.

WordPress widgets are the tools that make blogs easier to read and navigate. If you are new in the blogging world they might boggle you, but once to understand these widgets they are really beneficial for your blogs and websites. Here we are discussing the 6 most essential WordPress widgets for the WordPress blogs :

--Add Twitter Feed to boost traffic from Twitter

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform of present times, so integrating your blogs and websites with Twitter can be really beneficial for your business as it provides a better reach to your target audience. Twitter feed widget automatically sends your blog posts directly to your Twitter accounts and help to attain more traffic. All you have to do is to add this amazing widget to your WordPress dashboard.

--Calendar to keep track of your posts

Calender is the right widget to keep track of number of posts done in your blog. It basically gives you the visual reminder of the dates you had posted content or how often you have posted articles in a month.

--Integrate Social Media using Follow/Like Button

Widgets are super important to integrate social media to your websites and blog. The follow/Like button allows readers to appreciate your blog posts without commenting. The follow button is another way to add social media traffic to your blogs as it lets your readers to follow your page on several social media like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter etc.

--Highlight tags with Tag Clouds

Tag clouds let you share with your readers what your blog is about. The tag cloud covers up the list of most tagged topics in the blog and these topics are highlighted. The tag clouds gives your reader a brief overview about the topics covered in the blog.

--Easy Access with Recent/Popular Posts Widget

Recent/Popular post widget will give readers access to your recent posts and popular posts. Popular posts are the one who have most numbers of hits. This widget is quite essential for your blogs as they makes your popular contents easily accessible for the readers.

--Follow Via Email

This widget gives your users access to new blogs posts and news through notifications via mail. The users have to subscribe to your blog and this widgets give regular updates about the new posts and content on regular basis through e-mails.

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