Florida is one of the most beautiful and popular states of the USA. It provides you chance to observe beautiful beaches, national parks, theme parks, hitting a golf course and many more. People who visit Florida often wonder what the best way to travel around this beach paradise is. Therefore, after reading this article, you will be able to know what will be the best suitable way for you to enjoy your vacation.

Most of tourist flocks to Florida from Miami International Airport. Here are some of the ways people can use to travel around this state:

Car rental

The most efficient way to travel will be renting a car from Miami Intl airport. It is the easiest way people will get to enjoy this region. The most important thing is that it will provide you freedom to roam around the state in minimum expenditure. You can get your car rental in Florida Miami airport.

You will have a chance to stay and move wherever you like so car will be the best option to explore Florida.


The next option on the list is cycling. Mountain bikes can be hired from different stores and will be a perfect choice if you are on low budget vacation. Florida is packed with fast flowing single track for bicycle riding. It is the best option for you if you want to explore every corner. This may be time consuming, but it is worth it. There are dozens of biking trails in the state. Some of them are Spider Berm, pepper ranch, Miami to Tallahassee just to mention few.

Waterways and kayaking

Popularly known as beach goer’s paradise, many parts of Florida are also water accessible. Kayaking is best way to explore the region that are fond of adventurous sports. Kayaks can be easily rented in Florida. There are so many water accessible locations in Florida. Forest near Naples, Indian River, Wakulla spring, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico are just a few places that are water accessible in Florida.

Cabs, trolleys, and other public transportation

If you find yourself confusing around any city you want to explore, then you should cabs/taxi services. They will also act as guide and take you to every corner within a short time. They are the best if you have short time and want to explore more. Uber and Lyft has added more facility so there is no trouble to move around the city.

In addition, Florida provides trolley that will take you around the state as a real fun. Other public transportation is easily available in Florida.

If you have ever wondered about the ways to travel Florida then there may not be any confusion now. The best option is to rent a car; however, every single option works just fine. Don’t worry about the ways, just give it a try and happy roaming.

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