Frisco is a mid-sized city with a substantial number of people suffering from joint pain. You should visit a Frisco, TX interventional pain management specialist if you regularly suffer from joint pain.

Joint pain can not only be very uncomfortable but it can also be inconvenient. Excessive joint pain will restrict you from doing even the simplest of house chores.

There are many ways through which you can relieve joint pain including:

  1. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy or ice therapy is basically the process of using cold to heal your joints. Cold temperature reduces blood flow in a specific body part and hence reduces swelling.

You can either use an ice pack or a cloth with ice to conduct cryotherapy. For more advanced cryotherapy, there are state of the art cryotherapy chambers that can cool your entire body and have great results.

You should use ice on the affected joint for spans of fifteen minutes every hour. If you can do so four or five times, you should feel tremendous relief in your joints.

  1. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy refers to the practice of using water to relieve pain in your joints. It especially refers to the use of warm water.

You should use a warm cloth and press it against the painful joint for periods of fifteen minutes and then leave it for another fifteen minutes and repeat. You can also draw a warm bath which ensures that your joint will be warm for a considerable time.

Heat applied to a pained joint increases the amount of blood flow to the area. With increased blood flow, you get inflammatory relief, hence a reduction in the pain.

You can also use hydrotherapy to strengthen your joints and reduce the pain in the long run. Exercises in the pool should help tremendously in this regard.

  1. Massage

A massage has been a method of pain and stress relief for thousands of years. It has been around for so long because it provides excellent results.

The good thing about massaging your joints for pain relief is that you can do it by yourself with some oils. However, for the best result, you need to get a licensed massage therapist to massage you.

Massaging should be done gently and preferably with a topical menthol rub, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. It will reduce the inflammation in the joints and also increase blood flow to relieve pain in the area.

  1. Natural Herbal Mixtures

Most western medicines are effective at providing pain relief in the short term. However, if you want more long-term results from medication, natural remedies are the best.

There are herbs with excellent anti-inflammatory properties that will significantly help reduce pain in the joints. Such herbs include turmeric and ginger, as well as herbal tea.

The good news about such natural herbs is that you do not need a prescription from a licensed medical professional to obtain them. However, you should speak to a specialist before buying any herbs.

You can include some herbs to be a stable part of your diet, which will significantly relieve your chronic pain.

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