Increasing carbon footprint is just a repercussion of the way human beings are using everything they are provided with, which essentially means they are overwhelming Nature with their consumption and not leaving scope for it to rejuvenate. Another long term impact is that our children are going to have fewer things to enjoy if we do not stop our mindless pattern of consumption. Moreover, what is left after we have put so much effort in leaving a significantly high carbon footprint is a need to rubbish removals which is too great to dive in.

In the wake of not being able to sort the waste, people are carelessly encouraged to midnight dumping (for which there could be genuine reasons as well because of the rubbish removal christchurch, many issues faced by people either due state regulations at some place or to selective rubbish removals are resolved), adding tremendous costs on the government to pick up the trash people (read “people like us”) have littered the place up with.

So the idea is to start from the very basic (and get on your knees to show you care!).

How to Begin Making your Surroundings a Better Place

Sensible Buying

More often than not, our living space is crowded with the things that we think we would use but couldn’t not for one reason or the other. Such items not only make the place look disorganised but also can overwhelm to the extent of anxiety. Much before you see sense in tagging these items as rubbish and decide to call a local rubbish removal expert to take them off your back, you can embrace minimalism as a way of life (here’s a video to help you better understand the concept) and pick only what you need. The more you get deeper into this lifestyle, the better you will apply it to your food habits, wardrobe and just about every aspect of your life that needs de-cluttering (one step at a time!).

Reducing Trash Generation to the Minimum

Recycling thing that could be recycled, composting where possible, getting creative if you have that bug, becoming a minimalist, going natural / organic to the point it doesn’t hurt, are some of the ways to achieve that but of course that would take herculean effort for many. So best would be to learn as you go and implement where it’s the easiest to do to begin with. Mindless consumption of anything can never be an option again once you say yes to this aspect of reducing your carbon footprint.

Sorting Waste

We all know of wet waste, dry waste and recyclable waste. There could be categorisation on the basis of biodegradability as well: biodegradable (kitchen waste) and non-biodegradable (glass, plastics, metal, etc.) objects. Then, there is the hazardous e-waste. There are objects that become waste because we don’t want them anymore and as many companies would regulate them, they cannot take them off our shoulders, like mattresses, specific metal waste, etc. (though there are several rubbish removal companies that makes it their job to do so). This ultimately takes us to again sensible buying and knowing whether the seller company would take them once we are in mood to replace such objects. Waste management is one of the most important aspects of living healthy because this emphasises on determining which waste is waste for us but not for someone else and what are the levels at which something is truly a waste. For example, in any household at a given time there could be 2 main kinds of waste water: greywater and blackwater (which essentially are also the terms to treat them for a reuse).

Adding Greens

Adding a touch of green is not only healthy for your body but also for your soul and of course the earth. Indoor plant grooming, terrace garden, kitchen garden, landscaping and gardening in general are ways to make yourself feel better and make other people see sense in doing so even if in a very small way. And if you have that kind of space you can always convert it into a mini forest through afforestation just as Akira Miyawaki advocates (you can even create one in your backyard. Everyone should feel responsible for making their surrounding come alive with plants and tree because in the name of commercialization, we are highly taxing the environment.


The idea is to reduce waste to the minimum and this method can help you achieve that, especially of you have taken the above advice or are already at that. 60-80% of our daily waste comes from kitchen of a regular household. And composting addresses the dual issue of saving money on buying compost and reducing your waste load. You could buy home composting unit for starters or people with a backyard can simply dig a hole and let all the kitchen waste go into that to become compost.

Not Littering Mindlessly

The rule must be absolute in its implementation. Littering shouldn’t be allowed; neither in the house nor in the society, and absolutely not in the natural sanctities like, beaches, riversides, forest reserves and the likes. This practice goes a long way in keeping your own place as well as the surrounding you live in and love clean. And this goes farther in keeping the earth also clean. Throwing things in the bins meant for them keeps even the waste organize, helping the cleaning people and trash collection companies to perform their jobs with utmost excellence.

Trash Art

Would you believe if you are told about certain creative people have an eye to see artistic creations in regular dumps? Well, there are! And these people, fondly referred to as trash artists inspire you so much so that you want to try your hands in it, this is the way to go ahead. You are using your brains and love for art to make work up the trash and make earth unburden if even a very small bit.

Conclusion (and a work in progress): Making kids imbibe all the above things

Everything you have learned this far would be a waste if you couldn’t impart this knowledge to your kids as they grow up and touch their consciousness. This should be done in such a manner to make them aware of their surroundings in particular, earth and mother nature in general and their own responsibility towards all this as a human being (who is offered so much to enjoy as well as care for!).

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