If anyone has an unattractive eye surgery Or experience problems after eye surgery until losing confidence. We can confidently fix the eyes to come back beautiful. Which the correction of the eyes should be solved from the problem that has occurred Therefore, correction of the eyes must be evaluated first and a treatment plan for the best results. Let's take a look at what some of the problems can cause eye damage and how to fix them.

The eyelids are too small. Excess eyelid Caused by the design of the eyelids that do not fit the eye shape. Including the eyelid decoration that does not fit. Can be corrected by surgery to remove excess eyelids to fit. And create a new eye layer to match the eye shape.

Do double eyelids and the eyelids look high. Or too deep Corrected by removing the high eyelid. And make the new eyelids smaller.

Doing double eyelids and the eyes still look droopy Caused by the decoration of the eyelids that fall in the eye that does not fit Make the eyes have a pile of meat. Corrected by surgery to decorate the part of the eyelids that were removed.

Three-point stitched double eyelid And did not cut off the excess eyelids Makes the eyelids bulging unattractive. Corrected by removing the silk node by correcting the new eyelid along with the retouching of the eyelids to fit the eye shape.

Double eyelid surgery with fat injection and cystic fibrosis. Somewhat difficult to fix Need to remove the membrane. And fat lumps, which are harder and tougher than normal eye membranes Because fat cells have accumulated in the membrane And also to stick to the eye muscles

Injecting fillers such as silicone filler on the forehead, temples, and nose flows to the eyes, causing the eyelids to become unusually thick. Must be treated with surgery to remove excess meat. Together with scraping off the fillers embedded in the flesh and make the double eyelid beautiful.

The first 1-2 days after surgery should apply cold compress around the eyes and forehead. The first week to sleep with your head high. The wound should not be exposed to water for about 3 days.

24 hours after the surgery, start applying the wound ointments as provided by the doctor. Before applying, clean with a cloth or cotton swab moistened with warm water and pat the wound dry first.

Refrain from wearing contact lenses Wear glasses instead of the first week. And should not rub your eyes in the last 6 months. Take antibiotics and reduce swelling as prescribed by your doctor.

Double eyelid correction is made elsewhere. It is a difficult surgery. And delicate The doctor will assess the eye problems. How to plan the remedial action By correcting it, the old incision must be surgically removed, removing the membrane as well as the underlying silk node. And make a new eye layer to create a beautiful curve according to the shape of the eye If anyone is having a question on where to fix double eyelids, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgery clinics around the eye for elaborate surgery.

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The problems with double eyelid surgery from other places have come in to fix them as follows.