The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is also a cultural centre in the state flocked by millions of tourists both national and international throughout the year. The pink city as it is often known is a shopper’s paradise and a food lover’s delight. The city boasts of some of the oldest eateries in Indian and spending road side food. Jaipur has always been well developed in terms of medical facilities in the city, the same applies to cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant.

A large population in the city and infact from all over the country are taking keen interest in hair restoration techniques, thanks to fast spread social media, increasing disposable incomes, MNC culture and improved fashion sense. Jaipur is readily developing as a hub of hair transplant in Delhi along with its twin partner Delhi.

Thus, Hair transplant in Jaipur has achieved stupendous popularity. Ergo, several globally acclaimed and famous hair transplant surgeons are located in the city. One such name is of Dr. Suneet Soni (MCh, MS, MBBS), Director and owner of Medispa Hair transplant clinic, who has received excellent patient reviews which bears a testimony to his extremely successful career and is also an authority in the field of hair transplant procedures.
Hair transplant procedure is a minimally invasive day care outpatient procedure performed under general anaesthesia and is mostly pain free. In principle, it involves extraction of grafts from well identified donor areas within patient’s body, these are the areas which are supposed to have permanent roots i.e they are not sensitive to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) as a result, these roots do not see a permanent hair loss, these follicles are then transplanted at the target bald site.

No matter how many marketing campaigns label Hair transplant as a simple complication free procedure but at the end of the day it is a surgical procedure with some vital aspects that are to be taken care during a hair transplant for eg. causing minimal damage to extracted hair graft, provide sufficient coverage, natural looking hair line design, scar free treatment and natural results. Hence, it is paramount to choose a well-qualified and equipped surgeon for your hair restoration

An obvious follow up question is then about the ways to choose the best hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur?

1. Qualifications and scholastic Background: In India, for cosmetic surgery field, MCh is the the highest degree and is treated as super specialization in the field. Being well qualified ensures that the surgeon has sound content knowledge and a solid foundation of underlying principles, concepts and patterns and can plan a better treatment.

2. Expertise and Experience of the surgeon – Expertise of a surgeon is the surgical prowess that is naturally acquired and can’t be replicated. It is also called as fineness of surgical hand. Since hair transplant is a very fine aesthetic procedure, one should always focus on a surgeon who has an artistic bent of mind along with a precise hand.
Then comes the experience of the surgeon, this includes not only the number of years or cases but also the variety and diversity of the cases successfully completed. To establish this, one can easily search over internet by watching past patient’s galleries, videos and even contacting them if they allow.

3. Quality vs Cost – Everywhere in India, including Jaipur the cost of hair transplant is extremely reasonable and justified given the quality of treatment one can avail of in Jaipur and New Delhi. For an instance the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is merely a quarter of what one would end up paying for a similar quality procedure in the US, UK or even UAE. Approximately the cost of procedure is in the range of INR 60,000 to INR 400,000 depending upon the case. Since, the cost is already on the lower side, one should choose a clinic which advertises or has reputation focussed on the quality of the treatment and not merely lowest cost, because then they would most probably compromise on the quality of the treatment.

4. Technologically well equipped – A good quality surgeon would always take due assistance of latest technology, techniques and protocols for aiding his surgical skills. This ensures low complications and better looking results both quality wise and appearance wise. Such a surgeon can guide you best about various techniques as compared to a surgeon who is just practising one single technique.

5. Self-Practising vs employed doctor: Since a self-practicing surgeon in his own clinic ensures continuity of treatment and more responsibility on the surgeon (as it is his/her direct reputation at stake), the results are expected to be better for the same. It also ensures transparency in past record verification and progressive hair loss cases.

It is evident that if you are also looking to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Jaipur, you should focus on above attributes and one such clinic which tick marks on all the above criteria is Medispa Hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi. Dr. Suneet Soni (the in-house surgeon cum owner at Medispa) has served more than 5000+ patients which includes several big shots in Bollywood and international patients. His surgical prowess specially his hairline design ability which is extremely artistic and natural looking has been widely appreciated by his patients and even is well famed in the fraternity.

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Smeeth John is an expert author for medical content, giving contributions to the Medispa hair transplant centre as a hair transplant consultant and having more than a decade experience in writing content to different fields as a part of their passion for building an in-depth knowledge about the hair transplant