Speed: Fast VPN Providers

After price, most people would say that speed is the most important factor in choosing a VPN. If you want to stream HD video while connected to the VPN, you will need at least 4-5 Mbps. This is easily achieved on American servers by many VPN providers, but is rarer on international servers and requires a VPN that offers good speed.

While most VPN providers can provide speeds of between 4-7Mbps at certain times of the day, there are a couple of best VPN for windows 10 that offer 5+ Mbps for all time, also on most international servers. Look at some of them:

PureVPN - $13 a month

It delivers superior class speed as well as a premium feature set. They also have top notch customer support, and also have a window-assisted live chat built in their software. It is actually $18 a month, if you choose from month to month or $13 a month, if you buy a year in advance.

2) VYPR VPN - $10 a month

It is another VPN provider that is serious about speed. They operate all their own servers instead of outsourcing to other vendors. In addition, the use of server clusters instead of individual servers, so that speed is faster and disconnects are extremely rare.

In addition to speed, Vypr offers encrypted free cloud storage and is one of the few VPN providers to have their own smartphone application in order to protect your Android or iPhone has never been easier.

Security: Safer VPN Sellers

Security takes different forms when it comes to VPN providers. All VPNs provide a certain level of encryption, usually 128 bits or more. This essentially encrypts all data that flows between your computer and the VPN server, so others cannot intercept, decipher or steal data. Most VPN services offer quality at least 256-bit encryption, which is much harder to decipher. Encryption level is not the only consideration. Online anonymity is also one of your key selling points for a VPN.

The most secure anonymous VPN services are:

1) Torguard

As you can imagine from the name, the Torguard appeal in particular for the p2p community, but its service is useful for anyone who values by anonymity. They do not keep records of use of any kind, and offer a variety of plans as well as responsive customer support. If you are a user or p2p torrent, it should be the best.

2) Private Internet

Private Internet is not only one of the most affordable VPN providers; it is also one of the safest. They do not keep records at all, offer 256-bit AES encryption and are p2p friendly. $40 per year is a pretty spectacular price for complete online security.

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Best VPN Venders Regarding Speed and Security