So you know vitamins and minerals are important, but if you’re a woman, you’re probably wondering what specifically, are the best vitamins for women?

However, what you may not understand is WHY they are so important for your body.
Since this is a question I get pretty often, I thought I’d put together this simple list of the best vitamins for women.

Vitamin A – This vitamin contributes to the health of your eyes, skin and nails.

Vitamin B – While B Vitamins are often referred to as “energy vitamins” they don’t actually give you a surge of energy, per se. What they actually do is help facilitate metabolic reaction in the body to create energy. They’re also necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin C – This women’s vitamin is a great antioxidant and immune system booster. It also helps skin health.

Vitamin D – This helps women absorb calcium. And it may help prevent certain types of cancer.

Calcium – OK, so this may not be a “best vitamin for women” but that’s because calcium is actually a mineral not a vitamin. And as most women know already, it improves bone density.

Pretty simple, right? But you can also see why it’s so important to understand what are the best vitamins for women. When we understand the reasons to make healthier choices it helps us make them.

Like I said, I get asked all the time by women which vitamin supplements, if any, they need to be taking.

Great question.

Well, the truth is that if your nutrition is 100% perfect all the time then you probbaly don’t need to take any.

But that’s not the case for most women. Most women are busy as heck and don’t always find the time for proper nutrition (ditto for most men). So if that’s the case with you I recommend taking a Whole Foods based Multi-Vitamin which contains the best vitamins for women (at least in my humble opinion).

And the only one I recommend is Prograde Nutrition’s VGF 25+ for Women. It’s what my clients take, and it’s my wife takes, and quite frankly, it’s pretty cool!

It’s actually really cool because it’s literally made from 25 veggies, greens and fruits.

You should definitely check out Prograde’s Women’s Vitamins (

At the very top of the page is the list of ingredients. You can see the 25 whole foods they use to make VGF 25+ for Women.

Keeping you fit even though you’re busy, your friend,

PS – Pretty cool, huh? The best vitamins for women and the nutrition of 25 whole foods in a bottle!

PPS – Remember, your body is made up of systems. And if you want these systems running on all cylinders, they needs the nutrients to do so and that goes for your metabolism as well! So make sure that at a minimum, you’re taking a supplement that contains the vitamins on my list of the best vitamins for women.

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I guess you could say the beginning of this journey started about 10 years ago when I gained over 30 pounds with the birth of my first child (well, it was actually my wife giving birth, but you get the idea…). It was a real wake up call for me. Here I was, a trainer and fitness enthusiast and I became….fat!

The problem was, I just didn’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. In talking to friends and family who had gone through the same thing (Getting older, now having a family of their own, having a super-busy schedule, having “no time” to eat right or exercise, etc, etc…), I realized that there just had to be a better way than just using “no time” as an excuse. And so it began…

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I believe that a good fat loss coach and personal trainer has to be much more than someone who simply shows you how to perform exercises correctly and gives you dietary advice. I have a passion to inspire and motivate my clients to push past the obstacles that can rob them of their goals and aspirations.

Do you always feel like eating healthy? Do you always feel like exercising? Most people do not and I can push anyone past those obstacles.