What is a virtual meeting software?

Conference software is a platform used by various individuals on a global level to conduct live meetings, presentations, webinars, classes, etc. This technology can transmit information through various formats viz. text, images, audio, video, PPT’s, etc. Video conferencing services help enterprises save on cost and time as it minimizes IT expenses and involvement. It saves on travel costs as users can interact from any corner of the globe. With real-time screen sharing, meeting recording, meetings based on agenda, HD audio & video, whiteboarding, secure virtual meetings, cloud storage, and more, video meeting software has a myriad of use cases or applications.

The Virtual meeting software & web conference experience.

Online conferencing software has become indispensable in times of uncertainty and global technology evolution. Enterprise globalization has become a key aspect wherein every medium to a large corporation, schools, healthcare, telecommunication, etc. have to install top-of-the-line video conferencing services.

Transmitting and receiving digital assets in multiple formats over the web enables organizational initiation, business continuity, better collaboration, enhanced ROI’s, etc. Working from home becomes more productive as it garners better collaboration between global clients and partners, and cuts travel costs.

Modern web conferencing software facilitates multiple communication channels at once. With instant chats, real-time communication, multiple meeting rooms, screen-sharing, etc. every project participant receives the right to participate and express their point of view.

Use Free Video Conferencing Software to know the product.

It is recommended users try the free version of the product to know the product and its features. An overall comparison of other online conference software helps users learn about product suitability for an enterprise, business, or use case.

What are the targeted businesses or use cases?

• Online conference software can be used by various businesses or use cases viz. Architecture & Construction, Financial Services, IT, Legal, Education, Marketing, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Sales, Healthcare, and other crucial business applications
• Companies that run multiple offices can leverage top video conferencing solutions to reduce travel costs and connect various employees from different geographic locations
• Remote workers permitted to work from home or on the field
• Startups and small groups can deploy video conferencing applications
• What are the different Video Conferencing Software?
• There is various online video conferencing software in the market that cater to different use cases or industries.
• Zoom
• iFMeets
• Webex
• GoToMeeting
What are the different types of Web Conferencing Software?

• Integrated video conferencing – specifically used in conference rooms, classrooms, etc.
• Telepresence – gives the characteristic of being present in a meeting with attendees from various locations
• Appliance video conferencing – can be integrated with a camera, conference phone, or other codec equipment
• Service-based conferencing – used as a service provided by a third-party provider
• Desktop conferencing – video communications are based on your workstation

What are the key features of online video conferencing solutions?

There are various features users can leverage through top video meeting software that includes –
• Screen-sharing
• HD audio & video
• Meeting & presentation recording
• Whiteboards
• Private and local chats
• On-demand webcasts
• Record and playback
• Virtual backgrounds
• Multiple meeting rooms
• Meetings based on agenda
• Multi-software interoperability

What are the benefits of a video conferencing system?

• Promotes business productivity as there is no installation cost and zero expenses on IT infrastructure
• Creates good time and promotes team collaboration
• Flexible communication system promotes better management and monitoring
• Presentation of data in real-time
• Facilitates better hiring & instruction transmission
• Higher learning effectiveness and productivity
• Promotes new business opportunities with face-to-face support
• Better team performance based on shorter meetings, shorter time to travel, higher attendance rates, and access to various people

What are the expectations of a web meeting software?

Unlike other software, online video conferencing software will continue to move deeper into various use cases, rather than scaling horizontally. Online conference software will be responsible to manage various aspects of business, learning & development, etc. through virtual meetings, virtual learning, and remote working. With top-of-the-line software and hardware interfacing, a video conferencing system can add exceptional value for every application.

Comparison of top web conferencing software in 2020

Top Features of the 4 best online video conferencing software


Zoom features video conferencing solutions that provide users with good cloud conferencing features for online meetings, group messaging, good video, and audio quality. It can be used for regular meetings and training. Furthermore, cross-platform messaging can be leveraged using its chat system. Security is still an issue when it comes to Zoom meetings.


iFMeets is a high-end free video conferencing software that can be used for multiple use cases and applications. It is highly secure as the software is made for closed-linked meetings, granular presenter permissions, SSL, and the application does not store any cache after the meeting or presentation is over. With an easy setup, iFMeets offers high-end video meeting software features in their free plan. Some of the top features include grid and full-screen layouts, secure screen sharing, sessions with breakout rooms, exclusive chats, quick meetings, whiteboards, agenda-based meetings, favorite meetings, annotation features, meeting recording, and lots more.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex provides a simple yet modern meeting experience with a personalized meeting room, webinars, training, etc. It is primarily used for business meetings and has various plans for different user requirements. With a plethora of productivity tools and broadcast-grade audio, Cisco Webex is the preferred choice for business-grade virtual meetings. It can scale users and services based on your business needs; it provides a consistent experience throughout various devices and users can spend less time setting it up. With more than 20 data centers, Cisco Webex does provide enterprise-grade security, high quality, and reliability, & higher cost savings on audio.


GoToMeeting has been an all-round tool for business video conferencing for a long time. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for exceptional communication & collaboration. With the option of single-click meetings, it allows attendees to join meetings or conduct meetings from any device in an instant. With cloud recording and playback, users can leverage transcriptions, slides, etc. for review and sharing.

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Online conference software will penetrate deeper rather than growing larger. As enterprises are looking at the remote working model, video conferencing solutions will play an important role in virtual meetings, presentations, whiteboards, agendas, etc. With every use case deploying video conferencing applications, the need to build robust and streamlined software and hardware will be quite crucial. The cloud will continue to play a vital role, whereas various security protocols will have to be put in place to manage data security. The world will become a smaller place with the adoption of a high-end video conferencing system.