Have you ever wondered if you can wear a peaky hat? We are here to answer all your questions and show you why wearing this type of cap that has survived more than years of fashions is always a hit.

Fashions come and go. How many men do you see walking around with a top hat? Trends happen because they are just that trend. The peaky hat did not emerge as a fashion, but as a necessity and grew to become a staple of men's clothes.

The idea of ​​the peaky hat brings to mind images such as grandfather playing golf on the coast. The classic shape and materials of the peaky hats are still popular today.

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Today, the flat cap is still in the limelight. It may be because wearing one looks great with formal and casual clothes or because it flatters almost all faces. Or maybe it's just that good things never go out of style.

Peaky hats can be worn with many types of clothing, from jeans and T-shirts to winter and summer outfits. If you start with a cap in a neutral color (black, brown, gray, or beige), you will have more options when it comes to combining it and deciding what to wear it with.

As this type of cap looks good both with casual everyday clothes and with formal clothes, using them is easier than it seems.

Bet on classic fabrics: Remember that natural materials offer better insulation and breathability. Choose natural fabrics: tweed (wool), cotton, or linen.

Wear it your way: Round the brim to frame your face by applying a little pressure and shape it so that it acquires a slight curve.

Put it on correctly: No matter what song is playing in the background, wear your peaky hat in the right way and forget about the 90s style. This may seem a bit counterintuitive after the "take it your way" rule, but take it as the advice of a friend.

Consider the season of the year: Breathable linen and lightweight cotton are perfect for spring and summer, while woolen tweed and thick cotton work great for winter.

Don't lose sight of simplicity: As in the case of bow ties, avoid putting on too many old-fashioned accessories in one look. Men's peaky hats look good with bow ties, suspenders, and vests but wearing them all at once will make it look like you're wearing a steampunk costume.

Choose a pattern: If you have chosen a peaky hat with a pattern, make sure that the rest of the patterns you wear combine with each other. Your peaky hat is an accessory, so you have to improve the outfit. It's something you consciously choose to wear, not the first thing you find in your closet.

Check the inside well: The perspiration band or fabric tape that is sewn inside the peaky hat and is in direct contact with the skin is very important. All of our peaky caps are handcrafted and include a soft, non-itchy sweatband. That not only promotes perspiration but also makes them comfortable.

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