Is boiling hot water the only use of an electric kettle? Electric kettles are quite an expensive product among home appliances in India. On buying an electric kettle, consumers can do much more than boiling water in it. In this blog post, Boss India explains 5 best uses of an electric kettle that makes it every penny worth of investment.
Brew tea/coffee
You can make yourself and your guests some wonderful tea or coffee without even heading to the kitchen if you have a good electric kettle. Along with boiling water, you can even little small quantity of milk in an electric kettle. To the boiling fluids, add tea bag or coffee sachet of your preference along with sugar. Impressive tea or coffee is ready within minutes.
Make instant food packs
All kinds of instant food can be made within minutes using an electric kettle. Just heat water, pour it in the instant food pack, wait for around 3-5 minutes and a delicious meal is ready. If its an instant soup or noodles, you may also chop some fresh veggies into tiny pieces, boil in the electric kettle and add in the soup or noodles for taste. If looking to buy an electric kettle online in India, please check the official website of Boss India. Along with electric kettle, you can also buy steam iron online at the Boss India website.
Boil an egg
Electric kettles do allow boiling an egg with a lot of precaution. For boiling an egg, electric kettle manufacturers recommend using the ones that do not have exposed coil at the bottom. Electric kettles without exposed bottles are available at the Boss India official website. The duration for boiling egg in an electric kettle must be less for soft boil and more for a hardboiled egg. It is recommended to boil only one egg at a time in an electric kettle.
Prepare baby food
Exactly like preparing instant food, you can prepare baby food in an electric kettle. Heat water or milk in the kettle and mix it with the baby food. Please understand, while the amount of water can be almost full in the electric kettle, the amount of heat must be much lesser.
Pamper your skin
You can really pamper your skin if you have an electric kettle. Make some good boiling water, add some aroma oil in it and take a steam. This steam inhale process opens the pores of your skin and makes you feel good.
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