Business becomes easier for the start-ups now with the ready-made clone scripts available in the market. Many companies provide the clone scripts of successfully running websites. The most popularly considered business model is the Uber for taxi booking. The world is at an urge in all aspects that they could not wait for buses or taxis to move from place to place. This concept is the main reason for the rise in taxi booking apps. Before choosing the best uber clone script from the market, one should determine the identity of the features that it stands out from the crowd.
Abservetech is ready with the clone script of Uber – Taxi booking script, with all the extraordinary features of Uber.
Uber clone script comes as a package with a Driver app, Rider app, and a powerful dashboard.
How to choose a best Uber clone script:
Before beginning an online business, one should be careful about picking up the right platform. Without a doubt, RebuStar satisfies all the requirements of a start-up. Features that make sure that RebuStar is the best choice for an online taxi booking business are as follows.
Admin panel
The website of an uber clone script should have an efficient admin panel to manage all the features like blogs, email, messages, languages, currency, user data, etc
Unique design
The design should not be an issue when we are about to start a new online business. Prefer to choose the script with a unique design that is not looking similar to any other website.
Responsive customer panel
The customer should feel convenient while using the uber clone website in any device. A responsive customer panel defines a website with more users.
Android app
Most of the people feel more convenient using the website. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure whether the apps are user-friendly with all the features. An app should be more efficient to attract more users.
iOS app
Similar to the android app, every startup should look after the iOS app for user convenience, UI, and bug-free.
Bug support
Before purchasing the script from a concern to start a new business, one should check whether the app is bug-free. Also, one should confirm whether they will receive the bug support from the company where they buy the script.
Technical support
The best uber clone apps company should be capable of clarifying all the technical queries of the client. It should be readily available with an efficient tech team.
Customizable feature
Not only a bug-free code, but the company should also provide the customization option to get their ideas into reality.
Exclusive features available with RebuStar

Free 6 month Bug support
We provide 6-month bug support on RebuStar. We will rectify the issues freely for the first 6 months.
Free technical support
We provide free technical support on all the technical queries of the client with our skilled tech team.
Quality deliverables
We deliver RebuStar package with issue free website, android app, and iOS app with User-friendly functionalities, attractive UI.

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RebuStar is the best uber clone script in 2020 with lots of features in it. RebuStar has different apps for both the driver and the rider.