Best Tips to Start Creating Sustainable Events in 2020

Sustainability is not going anywhere. We are always looking for ways to "Go Green" and learn how to do our part to influence the environment. It would only make sense that this effort in the events industry is spilled. The trend of sustainable events continues to grow without signs of stopping, so it's time to board! Many companies and event planners have already begun brainstorming how to implement ways to make their events environmentally friendly.
So, what does it even mean to be "sustainable"?

Being sustainable means that you make changes to prevent the depletion of natural resources. The goal is to help maintain the environment or at a minimum ecological balance. Creating sustainable events is the key to a responsible event planner. We are about a variety of ideas that implement you to go green and jump on the trend of the sustainable event. Some of these ideas are simple and you deploy quickly. Other ideas will take time but are so worth it!

Why become sustainable?

Before we can make these changes, we need to understand the footprint we leave on the environment. What is the impact of our Jobs, the events we attend, the festivals we're going to, even the way we communicate with each other? Events cause a lot of waste and leave behind a large ecological footprint. According to, the typical participant in Congress produces waste 1.89 KG of waste per day, 1.16 KG will go directly to a landfill. When you calculate that number for 1000 participants in 3 days you get 5670KG of waste, the equivalent of 4 compact cars. It's also not just about waste, there are many factors that address the sustainability of the event that we will be able to handle later.

To really understand how to make a change, you need to think about a few questions. How can we really make impact and reduce our footprint? Where do I start? Can I really make a difference? It's not as difficult as you might imagine, but it requires conscious effort. You can hire Visit Melt Productions & Event Planners! for best event planning & management. Something simple as paperless going for our accounts, using biodegradable cups or environmentally friendly transportation will help minimize your impact on the environment. However, there is so much more that you do!

Start scheduling:

As an event planner, it is your role to make changes to the events you create. You are responsible for making your events more sustainable. This requires you to think outside the box. How can you start changing the way you do business? What choices do you make to be more sustainable? Before you make major changes to the way you plan events and do business, you must create a plan. There are a variety of different areas where you make changes, from locations to catering and general event production. To know what to change, you need to know your impact. Start taking a hard look at your events. What environmental impacts make you more sustainable? Are there ways you start implementing some changes immediately? Below you will find a list of some ideas on which you focus to create more sustainable events.

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