Usually when a parent decides to click their newborn baby’s pictures a lot of things come to their mind, including the risks and processes involved and the equipment that is needed. In such cases, hiring a professional is always a good idea. Also, the best part is that if you want to start it then you don’t have to wait for the baby to be born. You can always start with clicking maternity pictures. These are the most beautiful moments of a mother’s life and capturing them in a frame is the first thing you should be doing right now. You can ask your photographer to do a before and after pic where in the first pic baby is yet to be born and in the second picture mother is holding the baby. These kinds of pictures are in demand these days. A baby photography Singapore service is not very hard to find. You can ask your friends for recommendations or you can search online and hire the one with the best reviews. Before hiring, you can shortlist some photographers and arrange a meeting with them. This can help you in identifying which one is best for you.

So once your baby is born and you’ve hired a photographer, try to start as soon as 10 days after birth. Many say that it is the perfect time for clicking the photograph. A professional photography would know that pictures should be clicked while the baby’s eyes are closed. So the best time should be when the baby is sleeping.

Also, before hiring the professional, ask every question that pops into your mind. You may feel like you are interfering with the job of professional but that’s not true. Things should always go the way you want because you are the one paying for the pictures. So ask your heart out. If you have questions regarding shooting location or the dress baby will be wearing during newborn photography, just ask the photographer. And beware of frauds as there are many photographers who would try anything to make you believe they are professionals. Try to maintain a distance from them. You can easily find out the fake ones by looking at their previous gallery or their Facebook timelines as they can give you a brief idea about their work. Try to do a thorough research before hiring anyone to save yourself from any future trouble.

Last but not the least, always remember that you should get what you pay for. If you’ve hired a professional and the fee is high, then try to make negotiations. Generally, photographers have fixed prices, but it can vary according to situations. Like there is a difference between family photography and kid photography Singapore. A photographer always charges, according to the demands of the clients.

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