Important Guidelines While Drafting Your Internship Portfolio

If you are going to create your portfolio then you should remember that it must be designed as a creative product that produces powerful impact of your personality. The portfolio should spark the imagination of the internee.

It must also be user-friendly and complete. Here are some internship portfolio guidelines in bullet points that may help you creating standard internship portfolio.

Always take your portfolio as a reflection of your experiences. It is a collection of the artifacts that systematically document all the work you have completed and tasks you have accomplished during internship period.
Internship portfolio also helps in assessing your skills and learning. So, mention all the skills you know very well or experience during internship period.
In internship portfolio, connects your knowledge with the work experiences you have gone through.
Briefly, reflect your career goals at one end along with personal attributes and academic achievements.
Internship portfolio also provides a detail outlook on the evidences related to performance. So, document such evidences that may help analyzing your skills.
While developing an internship portfolio, collect your material first. Use plastic envelopes to protect the original documents while going out for any job interview. Insert dividers where necessary to distinguish documents conveniently.
Remember, internship portfolio should be attractive enough to grab the attention of employers. Display your name, internship site and other important details in order to display in a more professional manner.
The portfolio also documents the different internship opportunities done by the internee during his/ her period of internship.

Creating an internship portfolio is not a big deal. It contains a complete list of internships that have successfully done by a person. The knowledge, skills and expertise acquired by a person from internship are listed in the internship portfolio.
An Overview of a Typical Internship Portfolio

Internship listings may vary from simple school or college internships for students to more advanced professional internships including communication or medical internships. So, internship portfolio is a collection of such important elements that significantly affects the training one has acquired during an internship program.

The internship portfolio contains the list of internships one has done. It documents the work done during the internships. It also documents the skills and knowledge that are acquired by the internee during the internship.

So, briefly, internship portfolio is a detailed record of personal and intellectual growth one has acquired and this portfolio helps the employers to identify the right person for their company or business.

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