Recently started your business?
Looking for new professional contacts that might help your business grab some extra share of the pie in the market!

Networking with the right kind of professionals helps expanding businesses. But where and how do you find such contacts?

The answer is simple- by attending business networking events! Whether you go to any industry specific or any general Entrepreneur Networking Events, it's a sure thing that you will get to connect with people who can help you uplift your business.

The whole idea behind these business networking events is to let people form professional networks, it caters as a platform for entrepreneurs or individuals to create a buzz around the business and take it to the next level. The success formula behind getting the best at these business networking events is that you introduce yourself doesn’t but it should never appeal as self promotion or selling!

Here are a few tips to get the best out of Business Networking Events-

Why do you go to business marketing events?
To make networks with people who can be really important to your business. Smile and greet people as it will make them believe that you are interested to have a word with them. Don't wait for others to walk to you instead go meet them first, it will get you brownie points.

Preparation is the key!
Do some research on who are on the guest list along with you? Learn about their interests as this will help you to have discussion on mutual topics. Remember! It pays well when you are highly prepared at professional fronts. Prepare a brief about yourself and what your business is about. To grab the attention of other wear a badge that has your company logo and tagline on it. Also carry enough business cards and don’t just randomly distribute it to people, instead give it to those who show interest.

Be a good Listener
Want people to indulge in conversation with you? Then Listen to them! Very Carefully! Communication is a two way street you cannot respond without having clarity on what the other person said which many times leads to communication gaps. And communication gaps can end networking before even it has started, a proper listening builds positive relationships whereas bad listening skills would create an image in the minds of others that you are least interested to communicate, and if somebody feels so then they would never like to be in your network.

Communicate excellently
A pleasant personality with exception communication skills comes handy while talking business.
Whether you are an individual, representing a company or an entrepreneur attending one of entrepreneur business events the only successful way of communication is “professional”. While interacting make eye contact with the other person and always have a warm smile on your face. A happy and authentic soul is appreciated and welcomed everywhere as it creates an aura of positively and networking indeed is all about how the other person feels about you!

Utilize your little time wisely
Business networking events attracts professionals who want to interact and develop a strong network. It’s an opportunity where everybody wants to talk to everybody in a shorter span of time. Now how do you do this in a limited time? Try to keep your words brief and crisp, do not beat around the bush and refrain yourself from discussing unnecessary life experiences which are not relevant to the event you are present at. Also decide how much time you are going to allot to each individual, though there can be various factors affecting the same but there should be an upper limit set. Once you are done discussing things kindly make a move in very polite manner.

Keep in touch
You cannot have a huge network overnight by attending few business networking events it is like any bond which takes it own sweet time to develop deep rooted relationships. For that matter it is important to communicate with other individuals who showed interest in you. The communication exchanged should be purely professional like sharing your ideas on different hot topics pertaining to the industry.

Do not be rigid
You need to have an agile attitude and an open mind while attending business marketing events. Though there is no master plan that guarantees you the best of networks at these very business marketing events but you can chalk out different strategies on how you would proceed. All you need to know is don’t be rigid in nature one thing could work out with an individual but not with other hence keep it open and accordingly make to your approach.

Ask Questions
Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves? Everybody does! while interacting with others be curious and inquisitive about their business or work experiences. The whole idea behind asking questions is to special and long lasting where the other person will remember you as a person who was interested in them.

The business networking events are only base to networking. How to make the best use of it is in the hands of individuals who become a part of it.

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