Umrah is known as the ‘minor pilgrimage’ and can be performed at any time of the year. There are always options to choose an ideal time of the year to pay a visit to Allah’s house and indulge in His worship and try building a deeper connection with the Almighty. Such dreams can be made true by choosing the right time to perform Umrah with your friends and family and visiting and worshiping all the holy places conveniently. November to March is considered an ideal time to perform Umrah due to numerous reasons. Among these months, February is considered the most ideal month to perform Umrah due to several advantages this month holds. We have made it easy for you to know the ideal time to perform the Umrah of your dreams and will give you convincing arguments for that. So let’s start!

Why February is an Ideal Month to Perform Umrah?
The answer to this intriguing question lies in several factors that make it beneficial for pilgrims to perform Umrah in February on a low-cost budget. These factors include:

• Low-Cost Packages

February is known for low-cost Umrah packages that provide affordable transportation and accommodation while including all the other perks of a dream Umrah for pilgrims. Low-cost Umrah packages don’t mean that pilgrims will have to lose any of the traveling perks during the trip. In fact, they will gain from such Economy Umrah packages in February due to several reasons.

• Ideal Weather Conditions

Performing Umrah can prove to be a tiresome journey as there are hectic rituals involved and pilgrims have to face large crowds in the hot desert climate of the country. February is proven to be an ideal month when it comes to weather conditions that favor the pilgrims. In February, the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold as temperature typically ranges between 21 to 26 degree Celsius which is definitely ideal weather for pilgrims to perform Umrah with ease. And this becomes more suitable for pilgrims to perform Umrah when the package is budget friendly due to several reasons.

• Less Crowded and Hassle-Free

In February, there are fewer crowds and it benefits those who visit the two holy mosques during this month. Large crowds make the Umrah pilgrimage more difficult and pilgrims have to hassle more to perform certain rituals like touching and kissing the holy stone of Hajr-e-Aswad and Kaabah itself and praying. There is a spot of great spiritual significance in Masjid-e-Nabwi called Riyad-ul-Jannah where Muslims pray a few rakats. During the presence of such large crowds, it becomes difficult to pray here as well as the place is too small to accumulate the large queues of pilgrims waiting for their turn. Pilgrims don’t have enough time to worship in such places enough to satisfy their spiritual hunger. February is an ideal month to be able to perform such rituals with relative ease and make the Umrah journey, a memorable experience for a lifetime.

• Affordable Accommodations

Hotel prices soar during the peak months and make it difficult for some pilgrims to get 5-star Hotel accommodations at affordable prices. While during February, prices get astoundingly low and make it convenient for pilgrims to perform Umrah with 5-star accommodations available at affordable prices. These 5-star accommodations also include hotels near holy places like the mosque of Prophet P.B.U.H and Haram. This makes it more convenient for pilgrims to reach these holy places in time and allows them to visit these mosques anytime they want as they are within a walking distance. However, 3 and 4-star accommodations are also available, and they get even low in prices hence, making February an ideal month for pilgrims to perform Umrah on a low-cost budget.

Family Umrah Planning

Such affordable packages providing deluxe accommodations on a low-cost budget along with ideal weather conditions and fewer crowds make February an ideal month to plan Umrah with friends and family. Every Muslim wants to share this spiritual journey with their loved ones and make their Umrah travel memories together. Due to fewer crowds, it is also suitable for the elderly to perform Umrah in February as they will have to face relatively less hassling. And it will also be easier to handle children while performing rituals due to fewer crowds and ideal weather. Because of such convenience, the whole family will be able to enjoy their Umrah travel together on a low-cost budget.


Umrah is a spiritual pilgrimage that provides Muslims with the required spiritual experience they need to have as Muslims. This spiritual experience of Umrah travel can be enhanced by keeping in mind certain factors as mentioned above while planning for the Umrah travel. One such factor is the time to perform Umrah which can make a big difference due to reason as mentioned in this article. There are specially designed low-cost February Umrah packages for those who don’t want to leave the chance to perform this spiritual journey along with their friends and family during this ideal month.

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