Lexington is a bluegrass state second largest city with a population of 308,428. Explore the bourbon and racehorses city; view the greenest landscape in the South. Jump from one glossy goliath to another and experience the shine of this city, a home to small spirited leaders the likes of Four Roses, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark. Read on to see what calendar lexington ky shine!
County club restaurant
Cheese sandwich, poke, toasted bun, fries, and chicken wings! Is the aroma that silently invites you to County Club restaurant? This restaurant takes care of all your hunger pangs including cravings. Ham and cheese sandwich is perplexingly good. Order their meaty folds of hardwood-smoked pork smothered with Swiss and draped atop a toasted bun from sunrise bakery. A swipe of garlicky mayo ordered with the twice-cooked fries on the side kick this combo into another stratosphere. Their Sundays only smoked chicken wings plate with sriracha-lime dipping sauce, heaping smoked meat nachos is to die for. C.C.I.T cocktail loaded with gin, lemon, mezcal, vodka and Coca-Cola syrup is a take-away.
Smithtown Seafood and West Sixth Brewing
Smithtown Seafood is a buzzing Bread Box Complex. This 100-year-old Bread Box Complex is attributed to Chef Ouita Michel who runs other half a dozen restaurants and bakeries in town. While here, order a wild-caught catfish sandwich or shrimp po’boy at the Smithtown counter. Next door is the adjoining West Sixth Brewing, where the cocoa porters, IPAs and lemongrass wheat ales flow like wine. Smithtown Seafood also boasts a craft brewery, roller girl league, bike shop, coffee roaster, bourbon distillery and not-for-profit aquaponics farm.
Blue Door Smokehouse
If you have a self-love for sandwich, you have this your event calendar lexington ky, the Blue Door Smokehouse is a stop-over. Blue Door opens at 11a.m Monday to Saturday. Treat yourself to the mouth-watering tender smoked beef, its ends licked with a crunchy black char. Piled atop squishy bun, dressed with onions and pickles accompanied by a cornucopia of Southern sides is another treat. Takeaway the sliced brisket stack-up at Blue Door Smokehouse.
21C Museum House
This is the newest place in Lexington where you can lay down your head and rest. In this 88-room, 15-story boutique property you are surrounded by art. The lobby installation paintings behind the check-in- desk and the banter-sparkling works decorating every hallway, suite and meeting room throughout the century-old Beaux Arts building will welcome you. Deluxe king rooms are at an offer start of $199/night. You will also access the galleries which is are to the public and free decent tours offered twice a week.
Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour
It is rarely impossible for you to visit Kentucky and not tour a bourbon distillery. You will be issued with “passports” with recommended itineraries to member distilleries including Corsair in Bowling Green. Willet Distillery in Bardstown which is about one hour south of Lexington is one of the route’s greatest highlights. This family run business dating back to multiple generations underwent a recent intense seven-year renovation. A bottle of Willet’s 114.3 proof Noah’s Mill bourbon is part of its small-batch boutique collection. This makes an excellent souvenir with a creamy texture, minty, musty rye taste and redolent of soot and leather on the nose. In 2014, Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour marked the 10,000th barrel mark.

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