Older generations who are entering retirement are realizing the benefits technology can have during their golden years. As technology advances, and becomes ever more accessible, those aging in place now have access to a plethora of assistive living and medical alert systems to make retirement even more comfortable. 


Today’s technology, even for younger tech-savvy generations can seem a bit intimidating. The internet is no longer just a search engine, and smartphones are not just for calling and texting anymore. 


We’ve found ourselves at the height of digitization, and the older generation’s resilience towards the rapid modernization of the world around them is an indication of how manageable technology can be, even if you don’t work or use it every single day. 


Having the best technology at your disposal is one thing, but knowing exactly what to get should be a quick and easy task. The following gadgets are a list of just some of the best and most popular tech for retirees in 2022. 

Medical Alert System - Medical Guardian 

Medical Guardian is a top-tier alert system, offering both in-home and mobile assistance. The device can be connected to your smartphone via the app. It features voice activation, and prices range between $29.95 to $49.95 per month. Additional fees and equipment costs are minimal, depending on your specific needs. 


Medical Guardian is just one of many different devices available on the market. Consumer reviews and social forums indicate that this is one of the best overall devices when compared to market competitors. 


Health and safety are one of the main priorities for those willing to age in place. A medical alert system acts as an assistive device, alerting medical professionals, carers, and family in the event of a medical emergency. 

Medication Dispenser - MedMinder 

MedMinder has become one of the most popular automatic pill dispensers on the market. The device comes standard with built-in cell service, making it more convenient for seniors to use. No need for additional apps or smartphones, as the MedMinder can be pre-programmed to a specific medication routine or schedule. 


The MedMinder makes it easier to monitor routine prescriptions, and how long one still has before refilling your prescription. MedMinder can be covered by Medicare Part D, but some health insurers unfortunately will not cover the expenses. MedMinder is available for $50.00 per month and can be ordered or renewed online. 


Medication Dispenser - Tinylogics Memo Box 

Another contender on the market is the Tinylogic Memo Box, it’s a bit more advanced and will require mobile app connectivity. Although the setup process is a bit more tedious compared to MedMinder, it does the same thing, instead, you can monitor and track medication on the mobile app. 


The device is tech-heavy, coming with seven individual boxes, or compartments, that will alert seniors when to take their medication, or when a refill is needed. Notifications or pop-ups can be enabled on smartphones, and the Memo Boxes will also indicate when a prescription is to be refilled. 


The Memo Box 7 can be purchased for a once-off price at $199.99 via their website. The company also makes additional tech gadgets aimed at senior citizens and retirees. 

Smart Sensor - Aloe Care Health 

Smart sensors are a great addition to a home already connected to an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The great thing about Aloe Health Care, one being that it’s affordable, it monitors your everyday routine and movement. 


It was designed to ensure the health and safety of senior citizens aging in place to provide peace of mind to retirees and their families. Aloe Health Care can be seen as another medical alert system and is perfect for in-home use. The device has great features, such as a caregiver app, temperature control, and built-in air quality sensors. 


Additionally, the device can also be connected via a mobile app, and monthly subscription costs range between $24.99 and $49.99

Password Reminder - LastPass

This isn’t so much a gadget, but more of a necessity, not just for retirees, but any person who needs help remembering all their various passwords. Although some platforms and search engines, such as Google will ask to store a password for a specific website. 


It might be beneficial, but it’s not always a good idea to store all your passwords on one search engine or website. 


LastPass keeps track of all your passwords, the system can generate a new password if required, and help with automated logins. The software can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or computer and is available for $3 per month from LastPass. 

Recovery Gadget - TileSticker 

Just like we forget our passwords, we sometimes misplace or lose certain belongings when we’re busy around the house. From keys, cellphones, remote controls, watches, or wallets - these are among the most misplaced items. 


TileSticker is simply stuck onto a specific item of your choosing and has been designed with retirees in mind. The durable and waterproof design makes it easy to place on robust items or things that might find themselves outside or in water. 


The TileSticker can be purchased with a subscription of $23.99 per month, for a one-year premium plan which includes Smart Alerts, battery replacements, and device warranty. 

Transportation Services - GoGo Grandparent 

It might not be another gadget or tech-heavy device, but GoGo Grandparent is an honorable mention on this list. The platform offers transportation services for senior citizens, it’s like Uber or Lyft, just for seniors. 


Additionally, GoGo also provides groceries, home services, and more to retired individuals who cannot drive or are too relaxed to leave the comfort of their homes. The service is fully focused on seniors, offering safe and reliable transportation assistance. 


GoGo Grandparent does not have a mobile application, so individuals will have to book a lift or service via their front desk number. The service is available in all 50 states, and a monthly subscription for a value plan is $20.49, while a total care package that includes everything is $409.90 per month. There is a basic plan, which covers the necessary services for $8.19 per month

A final thought 

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen how comfortable we can make our homes with the use of technology and software. Companies are now designing equipment and devices specifically catering to senior or retired individuals, not just for the convenience sake, but also to improve overall health and safety - giving them and their loved ones some peace of mind. 

Author's Bio: 

Jacob Wolinsky is the founder of ValueWalk.com, a popular value investing and hedge fund focused investment website.