Coloring your hair is not only a confidence booster, it can emphasize texture and add lustre to your hair. The only thing you need to consider after changing your hair color, is that you might need to change the hair care products you use as well. Shampoos and conditioners are made with your hair in mind, taking into account your color, the texture of your locks and what it needs the most to thrive. By changing your color, you must have a shampoo that will help maintain that color and provide your hair with essential nutrients after putting it through a chemical process. You’ll definitely want a sulfate free shampoo and maybe even a hair growth shampoo, to ensure your hair is healthy and strong. The trick is finding a product that can do both, but there is a well-known ingredient that can… Biotin!

Why Is Biotin Good For Colored Hair?
Biotin shampoo is full of extra strength b-complex vitamins, which nourishes your hair from root to tip. This is essential if you have just colored your hair, because it will be in desperate need of moisture and nutrients. B Vitamins and botanical oils provide deep hydration to strengthen your hair, which protect it from further environmental damage. Gentle enough to use on all hair types, this shampoo will perfectly cleanse, purify and balance your scalp, while helping to rebuild and repair dry brittle hair strands, which can become damaged while coloring. Biotin is also known to add volume to your hair strands, but most importantly is an exceptional moisturizer, a natural hair softener and shine enhancer.

Why Should You Avoid Sulfates?
Sulfates are bad for your hair, period… but they can be even more damaging if you have recently colored your hair. Biotin strengthens the surface of hair strands resulting to thicker, stronger, and healthier hair, with improved elasticity and shine. This makes it a key ingredient in protecting and maintaining your color treated hair, but if there are sulfates in your shampoo, there is nothing biotin, or any other natural ingredient for that matter, will be able to do to protect your hair from irreversible damage. Sulfates are a chemical cleaning agent that pull all oils from your scalp, and will even strip your color. By removing oils from your scalp with a sulfate product, your scalp works overtime to produce more essential natural oils, and this results you in having very greasy hair. You then wash your hair more frequently, relying on a sulfate shampoo to clean it, unknowingly losing more of your new color in the process. You should be using a sulfate free shampoo, in which case, you’ll want an all-natural product.

Biotin will revitalize, strengthen and deeply moisturizer your hair, leaving it soft, manageable, and luxurious. This hair growth shampoo will ensure your hair gets all the essential nutrients to stay strong. Consider it food for your hair!

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