New Zealand situated off the coast of Australia has a very well developed economy and is known for providing a quiet and serene lifestyle. Since it is an English speaking country, there is a huge possibility for Indians to migrate there. There is already a 100,000 strong migrant community of Indians living there many of whom have used services of Aspire World Immigration a well known New Zealand Visa Consultancy in India.

The migration of skilled workers to New Zealand happens under a points-based system in the opinion of New Zealand Visa Consultancy. To be able to migrate to New Zealand the applicant has to be -
Under 56 years of age
Meet the necessary skill in English
Be able to score 100 points in the scoring system and submit an Expression of Interest. The scoring system is based on criteria such as age, educational qualification, work experience and the offer of a job in New Zealand.

The EOI allows the immigration services of New Zealand to asses every candidate thoroughly. The best-ranked applicants are chosen according to the number of migrants required in any particular profession in that year.

Salient points of the scoring mechanism
Work experience contributes points as below -
2 years - 10 points
4 years - 15 points
6 years - 20 points
8 years - 25 points
10 years - 30 points

There is bonus point for work experience in New Zealand as below -
1 year - 5 points
2 years - 10 points
3+ years - 15 points

Education contributes points as below -
Diploma or graduation - 50 points
Master degree and Ph.D. - 55 points

Those who have completed two years of study in New Zealand will receive an additional 5 points while those who have completed a Masters or Ph.D. receive extra 10 points.

Age contributes points as below -
Less than 29 years - 30 points
Less than 39 years - 25 points
Less than 44 years - 20 points
Less than 49 years - 10 points
Less than 56 years - 5 points

Those who have been in employment in New Zealand receive 60 points and those who have a job offer of over 12 months 50 points.

Those who have an employment offer in an identified growth area or any place outside Auckland receive 10 points.

If one is successfully shortlisted by the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS), a residence visa application must happen within 12 months. Under no circumstances is this extended or relaxed.

Upon arrival in New Zealand, a residence permit will be issued by NZIS.

This is valid for a period of five years and can be renewed after that as many times as needed.

Benefits of a PR visa in New Zealand
Access to free health care
Access to free education up to college for children
Easy issuance of spousal and family permit
Enjoy the same legal rights and benefits as a New Zealand citizen
Be able to enter and leave New Zealand multiple times
Migration to Australia which has a larger job market is possible

As can be seen, the process of application for migration to New Zealand is long and complicated. Naturally, there are any seekers of job migrant visas, and competition is fierce. New Zealand Immigration Consultants make the process much more manageable for the applicant.

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