Women empowerment has been on solid campaigns led by known personalities and celebrities of different nations. It's no surprise that women have consistently demonstrated grit and resilience emphasizing their significance in the society. Today, there is an increasing number of women who take the greater challenge of steering themselves out of the corporate workforce to pursue business ventures.

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise in pursuit of gender equality, better career paths, and campaigns against discrimination. Frustrated with office politics and long working hours, they try to achieve a sense of fulfillment themselves. With frustration as a driving force for perseverance and rigor, more and more businesses are being led by women.

If you aspire to take control of your career, creating multiple streams of income while achieving work-life balance, then perhaps the corporate life is not meant for you.

We fully support you! If you want to jump in and join the revolution, here are some small business ideas for women, which you can explore yourselves:


Regardless of gender, food generally appeals to all ages and cultures. It's surprising how much creativity cooking and baking can invoke from one's mind. Learning different techniques, cuisines, and discovering different ingredients is simply an amazing experience. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing traditional family recipes or intriguing old palettes with a modern twist. What's even more beautiful in this venture is that it benefits not just your customers but yourself as well!

Inspire yourself even more by watching life stories of chefs from all over the globe. Feel their passion, and ride on with their history. Learn how they made it this far and apply some to your own journey.


Do you have that keen fashion sense? Do you love transforming humble pieces into elegant works of art? Try exploring the fashion industry. Work on that pencil and drawing pad, and envision that glamorous gown on the runway. Go ahead and pair it with some accentuated bags, bling, and a pair of shoes.

Attract and engage your audience in social media. Create a gallery of designs and let them know it's available - bespoke. Offer fine couture masterpieces and let your designs speak for yourself.

Online Selling

Take advantage of popular e-commerce platforms and sell your favorite products online. Selling platforms nowadays offer all-in fulfillment services that sellers can enjoy. From warehousing, shipping, kitting and customer service, sellers like you don't need to worry about hiring people, spending tons for rent and overhead, and stressing with customer inquiries. Explore drop shipping and private-labeling businesses and see what best suits your preferences.

Stock Trading

Are you up for some challenge? Show fearlessness and put your business acumen in practice. While stock trading is not everybody’s cup of tea, it’s a business venture that can potentially offer your exponential returns. What's even better is you can do it anywhere.

Equip yourself with the basics and learn how to play with trade. Explore with brokers and fellow traders on how you can make sensible investment decisions. If you have the appetite to take huge risks, this business venture is for you.


Setting up your own business can spark anxiety and fear. But it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you feel something is holding you back, relax, and take a breather. When you feel overwhelmed, ask for help, talk to friends, and some people from the same industry. Get insights and other valuable inputs. Consider each step as a learning stage. Remember that succeeding in your chosen business would feel more glorious than ever. Businesses have a way of transforming ambitious entrepreneurs into wiser leader. Do not fear to become THAT leader.

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John Smith is a Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in SEO, SEM, SMO, blogging, etc having wide knowledge base into content marketing.