Tired of using a moisturizer that doesn't seem to work? Does your skin still feel dry, dull, and dehydrated even with the regular application?

As we get older, our skin loses collagen, leading to the formation of fine lines, sagging, clearer pores, and dry skin. Skinbooster Singapore effectively help hydrate the skin by penetrating the skin surface and depositing small amounts of filler in the treated area.

At Dr Cindy's Medical Aesthetic, we maintain a high standard of quality and safety, not only for our skin-enhancing treatment products but for all the treatment options we offer.

REJURAN® Healer or Baby Skin Injection is a treatment that treats several skin problems that occur as a result of aging, sun damage, and acne. It is suitable for treating the face, neck, and back of the hands.

Rejuran skin healer, also known as REJURAN®, consists of polynucleotides (PDRN) with anti-inflammatory and stimulants for tissue repair and DNA polymers for long-term skin healing and collagen stimulation.

When REJURAN® is administered, it triggers cell renewal and improves the condition of aged and damaged skin through Physico-chemical and biological properties. A key ingredient: DNA polymers provide a 3-D scaffold structure for the growth of elastin and collagen.

The treatment area is cleaned and an anesthetic cream is applied. The doctor then carefully injects the REJURAN® Healer PN through a fine needle into the superficial layer of the skin. More small bumps can be expected immediately after treatment. But they need to be resolved the next day and there should be no problem resuming normal activities. The treatment time is typically 45 minutes depending on the treatment site.

Other benefits of the Dermalift treatment in Singapore include the short downtime due to the treatment. With the help of a trained doctor, patients can resume their daily activities after treatment. Therefore, the Dermalift treatment is suitable for busy people in Singapore who want to look fresher without having to sacrifice a lot of time.

For consistent results, initial treatments are repeated monthly. Subsequent treatments are repeated two or three times a year to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Skin enhancers are a form of facial rejuvenation that increases hydration and levels of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance in the body) in the skin. This not only helps to provide more moisture to thirsty skin, but it also helps to tone the skin and improve the overall structure of the skin.

As the structure of the skin improves, fine lines, pores, and even smaller acne scars are reduced.

Skin stimulators contain hyaluronic acid fillers. When applied to the skin, they attract a lot of moisture and water exactly where it is needed. The result is full-bodied, hydrated skin with a slight glow.

A specially formulated topical anesthetic cream is first applied to the treatment area. This is followed by small microinjections of skin enhancement in the specific treatment area. The procedure is performed using a special suction injector that minimizes pain or discomfort.

It is advisable to repeat this treatment once a month for three months. Thereafter, its effects last an average of six months. A preservation session is advised once every six months thereafter.

The skin tension procedure can be performed on most areas of the skin that require hydration, primarily face, neck, and hands.

There are different types of skin enhancers. Our doctor will be able to prescribe a combination of treatments to suit the needs of the skin.

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Skin boosters are suitable for almost everyone and anyone. It helps with the skin’s textural improvement, hydration, pore reduction.