Do you think that having a degree can be enough to get you a perfect job? If yes then think twice. Today’s job market is highly competitive. To excel, you need to have an edge over other candidates. This is why many students after completing high school move forward with a professional short term course to enhance their skills. Short term course not only boosts your abilities but also opens doors to many more employment opportunities.

For instance, a short term German language course can add extra weightage to the CV of the person applying for a Germany based company.

After completing 12th, many students look for certificate courses that suit their requirements. Thankfully, the market is filled with a variety of short term courses which serve multiple purposes in a student’s personal and professional life.

Therefore, here’s a list of the best short term courses for students after 12th for all streams. Read now thank us later.

#1. Digital Marketing Course

From shopping to learning, everything has gone online. In the age of social distancing can you afford to stay offline? This is the era where people can go mad without an internet connection, then why not take your venture online? A digital platform will deliver you more than any platform. Therefore, enroll yourself in a digital marketing course to learn taking charge of the internet. Learn SMM, SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, Content Marketing etc. and beat your competition online.

#2. Foreign Language Course

Foreign language courses have gained much importance in the past few years. Whether you are interested in taking Spanish language classes, a German language course or French language classes, all of them hold importance in their own fields. These courses are not stream bound therefore, students from any stream can pursue them. Also, learning a new language is always a fruitful choice, they enrich your persona with some quality other world experience.

#3. English Speaking Course

There is no denying the fact that good communication skills are the key to success. Many graduates still don’t know how to converse in English effectively. Hence, their chances of survival in an interview become pretty less. However, you can avoid awkward situations like this with a certified English Speaking course.

#4. Creative Writing Course

Most of our job profiles demand creative skills from the candidates. From ad agencies to big business platforms requires creative writing techniques to attract potential customers from various platforms. A creative writing course will certainly provide you with an edge that you were lacking before. You may not make it your profession but having a set of creative writing skills by your side can never hurt anyone.

#5. Graphic Designing Course

The graphic designing course doesn’t demand any added qualification; only basic knowledge of computers is enough. The popularity of Graphic designers is increasing day by day. From small to big businesses use graphics to portray their ideas and sell their services or products worldwide. Why not try your luck then?


These short term courses are relevant to the current trends in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are from science, arts or commerce stream if you want to make a career in the above-mentioned fields, these courses can get you the best in the industry.

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