There are different kinds of hairstyle that suit round faces. However, it is always best to choose one that accentuates one’s facial features. Most people may assume that round-faced people have an easy time choosing hairstyles. That could not be further from the truth. Considerable time is put in the decision of the actual length, color and design of hair that would correspond with the wide hairline and less pronounced chins of most round-faced people.

Some of the common hairstyles that can be flattering for round faces. Medium length hairstyles provide a cover for the sides of the face making it narrower and cuter. Long hairstyles have a way of elongating a round face and once paired with stylish bangs, they give an almost celebrity-like look. The most common and stylish looks for round-faced people are short hairstyles. They suit the facial symmetry perfectly and give an illusion of a much younger age. The most popular short hairstyle for round-faced people is the pixie cut. This is one of the most unique and eye-catching hairstyles that speaks volumes about a person’s fun personality.

Other suitable short hairstyles for round faces are outlined below:

The Round face fix

This is the haircut for the nerdy and self-conscious girl. It is both simple and elegant. This haircut has a classy way of slimming the facial features and resulting in a look of adventure mixed unique personality. It is quite short with hair barely reaching the temples. This look is great for that semi-casual and casual look.

The Short Bob

This style is best for people with straight hair. It is cropped at the front and the edges are curled into a aDU’.

It also provides an illusion of a slim chin and high cheekbones. Most people choose to play around with highlights thus making the final look bold and more pronounced. It is a great cut for all kinds of occasions.

Layered Short hair

This look is made by keeping the top layers long and those beneath it short. It has an illusion of movement and waves like the ocean. It adds body to the hair and can be dyed to suit one’s personal preference.

Cropped hair

This is a very short hairstyle. As derived from its name, the hair is aDcropped’ to about two inches off the scalp. It is great for a retro look and can be dyed to bold colors for that fantastic finish.

Sleek cut

This is perfect for a smart casual or professional look. It is definitely a sleek haircut and is perfect for people whose hair is longer at the back than at the front. The ultra-straight cut for this look is perfect with bold colors and can work well with all textures of hair.

In conclusion, styling round faces is not a daunting task. It requires an open mind and one must be willing to play around and accommodate new ideas. One should find an experienced hairdresser and go crazy. After all, almost all short hairstyles complement round-faced people.

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