Until very recently, business was a process that required all stages, from transportation to customer support, to be done manually. But nowadays automation is gaining popularity. It helps to concentrate on the product and the website, improving their quality and your brand visibility.

Automation helps to improve the efficiency of a business. Besides, the integration of various applications gives business owners an opportunity to spend more time and money on the development of their brand instead of increasing the human staff.

The Shopify platform is really convenient to use. By developing your online store you will get access to not only design tools (API) but also various additional applications that can simplify your work and help you promote products.

For example, after integrating certain applications into your Shopify store, you will need only a couple of clicks to control important tasks. Such apps can advertise your online store, send letters to customers, and much more. In the article, we will consider the advantages of various applications, and analyze why your business needs them.


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