When you have a family, own a house, or have prized possessions, you want them to be safe at all times. This means when you leave your house and family for work or a business trip, you expect them to be happy and safe until your return. However, you cannot always count on hope when it comes to security matters, especially when it comes to the people and items you love most. To maintain good security, you might consider investing in several security sensors and detectors for your house. These devices will ensure your family and house are under complete protection and surveillance at all times. There are numerous home security packages or apps that will make sure your house is not burgled, as this can result in distressing consequences, both financially and emotionally. Even though physical items can be recovered, there is no need of your family experience unnecessary trauma that may affect them for years. Luckily, several security sensors and detectors are regarded as the best in the market. Consider buying and installing one or several sensors and detectors in your house, just as an added security feature.


Motion Sensors

A motion sensor creates an infrared map of the area it is supposed to monitor through infrared energy. These sensors are strategically placed in the house, especially in corners at a 45-degree angle from each other to ensure maximum area coverage. They are designed to identify the normal temperature of human beings. When a person walks into a room, and the sensor has been activated, it will immediately detect a temperature change and sound the alarm. There are two categories of motion sensors: (i) active motion sensors such as microwave sensors, ultrasonic sensors and tomographic sensors and (ii) passive motion sensors like passive infrared sensors and a dual-technology motion sensor.

Door and Window Sensors

These two sensors are vital and considered the core of every security system because doors and windows are the most common points of entry into any house. These are designed to operate as two parts. One is fitted onto the window or door, while the second part is attached to the frame. They are placed near each other to ensure maximum functionality. When the door or window is opened while the sensors are activated, they transmit a notification signal to the dedicated alarm panel and proceed to sound the alarm.

Glass Break Detectors

The glass break detector is considered a marvel of technology when it comes to security alarms and sensors. It employs a high level of technological sophistication than other sensors, as it employs a technology that ‘listens’ for any changes in glass pitch or impact. This sensor is also calibrated to detect strong vibrations that regular window sensors might not detect when they occur.

Environmental Sensors

These sensors are ideal for your laundry room, kitchen, basement, and bathroom. Environmental sensors are designed to notify you in case there is a gas or water leak, floods, and even high temperatures when you are away on holiday or your house. ADT flood sensors give you time to save your home from a disaster by alerting you to possible problems before you are there yourself. This detector will minimize the risk of house damage or dangerous living conditions, giving you peace-of-mind at all times.

Regardless of your budgeted amount, there are many security sensors and detectors on the market designed for your specific needs and lifestyle. You should have at least one security sensor or alarm in your house always to ensure you, your family, and house are safe and secured, and receive immediate notifications in case of a gas or water leak, fire or a break in.

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